The ultimate guide to a ‘girls and gay’s’ night out in the Toon

Slut dropping to the St. Trinian’s theme song? Yes please

Whether you’re a girl or a gay, Newcastle nights out can seem extremely heteronormative at first glance. However, scratch the surface and a night of Echo Falls and drag fuelled fun can be found amongst the rowdy Soho and Bijoux goers. We all love the usual student night out of iconic venues and would never willingly miss a Thursday at Swingers, but sometimes one must gather the girls and the gays and slutdrop the night away.


Head down to near the Life Centre to visit this fancy new gay cocktail bar that offers musically themed nights from Disney to Gaga, and even disco for those Swingers/Oops lovers. Imagine the Botanist – but gay. The high tables and velvet chairs are fancy enough to slightly justify the price of the drinks and fool yourself into thinking that you’re classy for an hour or two. However this is not for the cheapskates, as Queens is the ideal spot for a swanky cocktail or two to start the night or even a date. The frugal amongst us will know that this means to bring a hip flask.

The Yard

This gay owned venue features drag hosts most nights, includes games, karaoke and just an all round good time. The veterans of this establishment will tell all about the infamous yard wine and its unique flavour, but at £7 a bottle can we really complain? For those who are yet to discover its mysterious properties, make sure to get a bottle of Rosé when you go and see where the night takes you… They also offer frozen slush cocktails for those not willing to take the plunge. The Yard is a great spot for chill drinks and a chat before heading for a boogie at Rusty’s.


Rusty’s is an iconic spot that is enjoyed by all. Open until 3 AM seven nights a week, you are guaranteed to hear non-stop gay anthems that will have you dancing the night away, provided by prominent Newcastle drag queen Dixie Swallows. From the moment you walk in through the faux castle doors and see the glow up palm trees, you will know that you’re about to have a great night in this eccentric place. For those who love a trip to the arcade, there is even a claw machine upstairs. Whether you’re slut dropping on the stage to Britney or making out on the decking with the ‘hottest boy in the club’ (not), Rusty’s is guaranteed to be a night to remember.

Pink Room (Powerhouse)

Stumbling across the time square from Rusty’s at 3 AM is a must in order to reach Pink Room. Its ghastly all pink interior is enough to give anyone a migraine, but at this point you’ll definitely be too drunk to notice or care – and if not, get some Sambuca down you. This however may become a problem when faced with the spiral staircase to get to the toilets, so tread carefully (we speak from experience). Open until 4/5 AM, this is not for the faint hearted and only the true party animals will make it to this point. You’ll be sure to hear everything from Charli XCX to the St. Trinian’s theme song, so there’s no excuse to end the night here.

Spot White

Open till 6 AM, those with 9 AM’s may have to hit the bed by this point in the night. However, the draw of this late night pool lounge may be too tempting to resist. Especially as this famously LGBTQ+ safe place serves unreal food to satisfy your late night/early morning munchies. The menu includes loaded fries and a great selection of burgers to name a few. For the heroes amongst us that will still be drinking at this point, their crazy mixed shots are enough to finish you off if you’re not already passed out in a corner somewhere.

The Eagle

Don’t actually go here unless you fancy some action. Innocent at first sight, head downstairs and you’ll be greeted with glory holes, amid other things too explicit to mention. Proceed with caution… enough said.

Hopefully you will love these six clubs as much as we do, and if not… there’s probably something wrong with you. This guide has been tried and tested extensively and is yet to fail to provide an amazing night. We can’t wait to get back to the fabulous pink triangle!