We’ve rounded up the best viral TikTok’s made by Newcastle students

Renegade in Jesmond did you say?!

Isolation is tricky for everyone. And with only uni work to be getting on with, we find ourselves doing everything but that, and instead sitting for hours on TikTok.

Whether you love to hate it or you’re obsessed, we all secretly dream of being TikTok famous.

These are the students from Newcastle and Northumbria who have gone viral on TikTok whether they’re in The Toon or they’ve gone home. Either way, we salute you.

Blinding Lights challenge in West Jes

These students have proved that living with this many people can be fun. This one is an iconic dance challenge and these students have racked up a nice 203.4k views and 13.4k likes.

Not saying no to a night out, classic Newcastle student

Every Newcastle students dilemma and this video has a mad 182.4k views and 16.7k likes.

When Shrek lyrics go wrong

Apparently getting the lyrics wrong to Shrek can score you a whopping 165.8k views and 27.5k likes. Fair play Newcastle.

Their take on a TikTok dance challenge

Ever wonder why your mates were late to pres? Turns out dancing like this can get you on the ‘For You’ page with a nice 79.6k views and 1,492 likes.

The Tesco in town having to improvise without a speaker…

That Tesco that’s just off Northumberland Street is famous. This video has an amazing 1.5 million views and 220.5k likes.

When the night out antics are clearly too much for the McDonald’s bouncers

While this isn’t Newcastle McDonald’s, this Newcastle student has gone viral when the bouncers had clearly had enough of them, this one has 1.2 million views and 137.9k likes.

When documenting the trip to Durham for a Lacrosse game goes viral

Did they win the game? Who knows but they’re winning with their viral TikTok, as this one has 41.7k views and 901 likes.

Shoutout to Newcastle Uni for the free milk

Everyone loves a story time. This one has a mega 78.3k views and 18.9k likes.

Introductions at Northumberland Street McDonald’s, of course

Everyone’s seen that video that the audio is from, but here’s what happens when you and your mates use it in Maccies after a night out. This one has 132k views and 2,237 likes.

Awkward when the fish dies mid TikTok…

Living with your uni mates can be fun, but when your pet dies it’s emotional. Luckily these gals managed to capture the emotions mid dance and their video has 68.6k views and 8,526 likes.

The mammoth Yorkshire pudding that dreams are made of

Yorkshire’s we all dream of having the talent to make. This video has an outstanding 151.2k views and 998 likes.

When your flatmate actually manages to get up before 10am?

Look, getting up for uni is an achievement. But also managing to get a bit of TikTok fame is an achievement also. This one’s reached 162.4k views and 7,254 likes.

An outstanding catch

Now while it’s not filmed in Newcastle, it was a Newcastle student and with 4.3 million views and 272.4k likes, that is worth mentioning on your CV.

The ultimate crisp confusion

Procrastination from uni work has risen to a whole new level and this TikTok has a nice 451.5k views and 52.6k likes

Obviously, this is the only way to make an igloo when you’re on the ski trip

Being on the ski trip is one thing but having a TikTok with 1.5million views and 102.9k likes is another.

Talent or pure luck?

Again, was it luck? Was it skill? But having your TikTok reach 539.7k views and 13.1k views is definitely something to be proud of.

Answer the phone, duh

Being home with your family and making TikTok’s seems to be the only thing getting Newcastle students through at the moment. This one has a nice 254.2k views and 11.4k likes.

Getting your friend to send a rock from Newcastle to Hong Kong

A wholesome video that is very much worth the watch. It seems other people loved it too as it has a lovely 289.9k views and 52.3k likes.

When one of your friends invites you to pres at Park View

“Pres at Park View you say?!?!?!?”

This one has reached 49.7k views and 319 likes.

Learning how to say ‘I love you’, apparently?

This Newcastle TikTok has reached 1.2 million views and 119k likes.

Dissolving into TikTok fame

TikTok is a funny place but still, this video has reached 611.6k views and 11.1k likes.


This one has reached a crazy 319.4k views and 53.5k likes and we’re here for it.

When Morrison’s just isn’t the same anymore

If documenting the weekly shop can land you 714.5k views and 102.4k likes. Sign us up to it every time.

Don’t we all just LOVE uni accommodation

Let’s hope after reaching 98.9k views and 2,976 likes they’ve cleaned their flat.

That new palette flex

Literally showing your palette can get you on the ‘For You’ page with a nice 157.1k views and 19k likes.

Let’s all discuss the flat above…

Living in halls is tough but gettting 24.2k views and 1,278 likes on a TikTok about it can make it a little easier, surely?

Saving you all that money from Pretty Little Thing…

This Newcastle student showing us all how to save has racked up a solid 316.3k views and 61.5k likes. Pretty impressive.

“RAH, have you seen my signet ring?!”

A classic Newcastle Uni TikTok with an amazing 52k views and 2,421 likes.

These TikTok’s prove that literally anything can do the rounds and hit the ‘For You’ page. An amazing attempt from all of these Newcastle and Northumbria students, it has to be said.

Here’s a big collective “thanks” for keeping us distracted from our uni work and keeping the dreams alive that maybe we will one day, become TikTok famous.