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Why 42’s in Manchester is the best club in the UK and should be made a cultural landmark

From champagne towers to Champagne Supernovas

Manchester is regularly referred to as the capital of the North and is arguably home to one of the most recognisable accents in the UK, with people screaming "Manchestahh" whenever you mention that you're from there.

It's also home to the some of the greatest indie/rock bands ever and what better way to celebrate those bands than with a nightclub dedicated to the 'Madchester' scene in the heart of the city.

In the modern age of TikTok and YouTubers becoming professional boxers, one club unites the boomers and millennials and has seen it all.

It was originally called 'Slack Alice', owned by none other than Manchester United legend George Best, who allegedly used to love building champagne towers to make a fountain. It then moved on to be called Zoo, then Playpen before adopting 42's.

Stories of my grandad going to Slack Alice then walking home to Didsbury, my uncle meeting his first wife in 42s, my dad and his mate being kicked out after being in there for less than 10 minutes and even the rise and fall of the famous Haçienda, 42s has seen it all.

Cigarettes & Alcohol

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£1 shots? Go on then

Every night is different in 42s with different deals on each night. For a Manchester city centre club, £2.80 doubles are an absolute steal and even if that doesn't tickle your fancy, £1 Bakewell bombs, £1 shots and £1.40 lagers are on offer. It's also free entry before 11:30pm, even on a Saturday, so no need to worry about damaging the overdraft.

There's also some rumours that if you get a tattoo of the 42s logo then you get free entry for life.

The smoking area itself is like a second nightclub, nothing special about the décor, just a street with metal barriers but you'll walk outside looking for your mates and return with a whole new group of people you've never met in your life and will probably never see again five minutes after being back inside.

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Located right next to the smoking area is Topkapi. Having a takeaway directly opposite a club is dangerous and I'd be lying if I said I haven't popped in halfway through the night for a cheeky chips, cheese and gravy. But maybe that's just my northern nature.

The Only One I Know

One of 42s most distinctive features is its unmistakeable interior design that has stuck with me throughout all my teenage years especially its luminescent tunnelled entrance that makes it so unique. The walls are plastered with posters and artwork of music legends including some of Manchester's greatest (and Morrissey). The fog from the smoke machines are the perfect cloud to hide from judgement after spilling yet another drink down your top.

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Stop me if you've heard this one before ??

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The demand for cheap drinks is obviously high so 42s provides for this with two bars, one right next to the dance floor and one on the other side of the club. No matter which bar you go to thought you will inevitably lose your pals in all the fog and trying to see through a smokescreen while you're five Jäger's deep is not easy, believe me.

One thing that I will never understand about 42s is the men's toilets. The walls of the urinals are plastered with extracts from Catcher in the Rye and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, can't get much more indie than that unless you added a Pulp Fiction quote.

Nonetheless it makes for a good read aside from the usual chit-chat that lads have at the urinal. Weird.

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The indie equivalent of THOSE angel wings

24 Hour Party People

What great nightclub would be without themed nights and fancy dress?!

42s is up there with the best.

Scrolling through the club photos from the night before can be embarrassing if you look a mess. But imagine looking a mess while dressed up as Mario – or thinking you and your mates look cool dressed as the T-birds. Awks.

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Only thing scary about this was the quality of the jackets

42s will celebrate every national holiday they can from bank holidays to Christmas Eve, however, their best nights are the all-nighters. Running from 10pm-6am, these are somewhat a rarity as they come on special holidays like Halloween, New Year's Eve and because they love students, results day.

They also throw a few random ones every now and then because why not? Much better than pulling an all-nighter in the library.

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Who’s doing both ALLNIGHTERS then?

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Live Forever

42s has been a staple of Manchester since the 60's and although it's gone through multiple name changes it's still remained a favourite among the locals. Even having famous faces be a part of it from George Best to Liam Fray sharing stories of himself and his mates being kicked out like the massive legends they are! Classic indie boys.

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And remember, don't be like Morrissey – vote Labour.