Newcastle’s Fittest Fresher: The girls, the final

It’s the final countdown

We've made it, we've got three girls left.

The talent has been high this year and it's almost time to finally declare our queen of first year and 2019's fittest female fresher.

Have one more read about our beauties and then place those all important votes.


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After coming in second place in Round Two, Ellen stormed ahead in the semi's to make it to the final. She's still looking for her Mr Right and we're sure the queues will be out of The View doors was she to be crowned this year's fittest fresher.


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Sussex girl Rosie has been with us in the competition since day one. She's made it in to the final but will she be victorious? Leazes boys listen out for her go to line, "I’ll nose butter your box if you lip slide my rail" to be in with a chance with one of Newcastle's fittest three.


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Darcy came first place in the semi final, maybe she's using her classic "fresh creps bro" to rake in those votes. This finalist enjoys dates with an outdoor vibe. Can she hike her way up to the top one more time?