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We asked people from other unis what they really think of Newcastle students

Jealousy is a bitch

At Newcastle we like to see ourselves as edgy, always up for a big night out, but still pretty smart. But what does everyone else think?

We asked students from across the rest of the UK what their outside opinion was and guess what, they agreed. They think we're fun, fit and always up for a good time. We're legendary.

Liv, 21, De Montfort

"It's what everyone wants uni to be like. A real life Urban Outfitters and everyone is fit."

Yes, we know. We're in heaven.

Jamie, 21, Edinburgh

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"Just posh southerners looking to get smashed or people from the North East not wanting to move out of their family home."

Pretty spot on tbh.

Holly, 20, Royal Holloway

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"Everyone who goes there loves to get fucked and doesn’t go to lectures."

We try.

Rach, 20, Nottingham Trent

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"People go out in big groups, it's pretty dressy and I imagine it to be like TOWIE."

I mean 50/50 really.

Lydia, 20, Leeds

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"Wish I went there tbh."

You sound like you're at Northumbria.

Ella, 20, Bristol

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"Big drinking nights out because it's three trebs for a fiver. Full of people from private schools who like sport."

If only that deal was actually true.

Tom, 25, Cambridge

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"Home of the brave and the quad vod."

Let's not push it, trebs are enough.

Soph, 21, York

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"Uni guys not as hot as girls. High energy and up for a good time, messy nights out."

Listen up, boys.

Rosie, 20, Sheffield

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"Where my friend Hannah goes."

Bet you haven't visited though.

Hamish, 21, Stirling

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"They're not quite as annoying as Durham students."

We'll take it.

Aimee, 20, Heriot-Watt

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"Castle Leazes? Full of Rahs."

Anyone got a Rizla I can borrow?

Will, 18, Leeds Beckett

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"Full of Rahs, nerds and people that go to Bijoux."

Quite the mix there.

Emma, 20, Nottingham

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"They go out all the time, are quite fashionable and wear lots of fake tan."

All hail St Moritz.

Contributers: Vasileia Papazoglou