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Perdu bouncer fired after repeatedly kicking a girl who tripped on the club stairs

He has since been fired

A bouncer in Perdu has been fired for repeatedly kicking a girl after she tripped on the club stairs.

Lauryn Parker, 19, was on a Halloween night when she was "grabbed" and "thrown onto the stairs" by a bouncer whilst attempting to walk up the stairs. She later posted the video of the altercation on Facebook.

Perdu has fired the bouncer in the video and "acknowledge his behaviour was completely unacceptable."

Posted by Lauryn Parker on Friday, November 2, 2018

Lauryn and her friends were on their way back from the bathroom when the altercation happened. Lauryn said: "Basically I slipped just about to go up the stairs and slightly nudged the bouncer who then grabbed me and threw me onto the stairs and basically laced into me, he also pushed my friend up the stairs who was trying to stop him, whilst continuously kicking me.

"Baring in mind he was much bigger and older in comparison to us. Obviously it could’ve been a lot worse but that’s not the point, this shouldn’t have happened in the first place."

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Lauryn's post on Facebook about the incident

Photos of the aftermath are also included and show deep bruising on her lower legs, thighs and back of her knees.

A witness told The Newcastle Tab he saw the bouncer "pushing people up the stairs to try and hurry them up but that didn't happen". He said the bouncer was "totally abusing his power", adding that he was "too aggressive" with people whether they were drunk or not.

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Lauryn's bruises

Vaulkhard Group, who run Perdu, told The Newcastle Tab they were "appalled" at what they saw. They confirmed the bouncer was suspended immediately and said: "For obvious reasons, he will never work for us again".

The operations director of Vaulkhard Group commented: "I was just as appalled as everyone else to see this video. I was informed of the incident by the management of Perdu the next day, as they were shown the video by the girl that evening. They suspended the door staff immediately and he was told to go home. For very obvious reasons he has been sacked and will never work for us again.

"I believe we have a good reputation and our staff are usually very professional. However the actions of one individual has tarnished this. We are extremely sorry this has happened and the management explained on the evening that we would take action and were happy to involve the police. We in no way offer any excuses and do not condone his actions. His behaviour was completely unacceptable and this is why he was sacked the very next day."

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