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Rock City bouncers chokehold student, drop him to the ground, and walk off

The bouncer was suspended


Bouncers at Rock City were filmed last November throwing a student to the ground and walking away, leaving him on the ground, The Tab Nottingham can reveal.

Whilst bouncers were involved with somebody nearby being aggressive in the queue for Crisis this Wednesday, the student is seen restrained with one bouncer holding him by the neck.

Then, after being dropped by the bouncer, hitting his head on the floor, he “was left on his own for a few minutes until medics came to him, the bouncers didn’t check to see if he was okay,” says Rossi, who filmed the incident.

Now, The Tab Nottingham has learned that the bouncer was suspended from working at Rock City, pending an investigation into the incident.

Nottingham University second year Rossi, who was queuing at 12:45am, added “the boy wasn’t being physical, it was his mates.”

In the video, the student hits his head on the ground after being dropped.

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The bouncers then look back at the student lying on the ground.

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Before all three walk off. An investigation began the morning after.

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In a statement, a representative of DHP, Rock City’s management, said:

“DHP were already aware of the incident and began an investigation the next morning (Thursday) with the firm that supplies security.

“DHP have made it clear that they expect the security firm to investigate the incident thoroughly with their staff and take appropriate action.

“In the meantime, DHP have instructed them that the security team member involved cannot work at Rock City or any other DHP venue.”