These Notts students are starting a Men’s Rights Society, but women can join

‘Just like men can support women’s issues, we’d hope to see women supporting movements for men’s issues’

‘Uni girls love rape’ written in tissue on Nottingham Uni halls bathroom floor

‘Rape jokes and rape culture have no place at UoN’

These Nottingham freshers have created a male-only drinking society with a strictly bowtie dress code

Guys this isn’t Oxford

Uni of Nottingham pledges to remove all investments from fossil fuels

Go green or have no home

Nottingham Trent students arrested over racist halls chant released, but banned from campus

As it stands, the pair aren’t allowed back in halls

Racist Nottingham Trent halls chants: Everything we know so far

The investigation is still ongoing

Andy Hoe confirms Ocean isn’t closing, and every Notts student breathed a sigh of relief

‘Plenty more Baywatch left in the old girl yet’

A woman has been arrested in connection to the Nottingham station fire

Around 60 firefighters were needed

Police are investigating after two men were stabbed near Pryzm last night

More information to follow

Police have cordoned off Notts Pryzm

The entrance to Przym has been cordoned off

Nottingham train station closed all day after huge fire

Nobody is thought to be injured

20-year-old charged with assault after New Year’s Eve fight outside Ink

He is set to appear in court later this month

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in Nottingham RIGHT NOW

They missed Crisis though

Police are investigating the Rock City bouncer incident as assault

Local authorities are appealing for the victim’s help

Rock City bouncers chokehold student, drop him to the ground, and walk off

The bouncer was suspended

Crisis asked their followers to rate a girl ‘Hot or Not’ on Instagram

They also filmed the same student with the caption ‘free lapdances’

A 19-year-old was stabbed on Albert Grove this morning

He is in a serious condition

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