William Petrou-Nunn is your BNOC of the Year 2017!

Nearly 2000 of you voted in the final

Former Gen Sec of Nottingham Labour Students’ Committee under fire for racist tweets

She said things like ‘supporting the nigger race’

Ocean is banning Baywatch due to health and safety concerns

Goodnight sweet prince

Two Nottingham Students are living below the poverty line for Comic Relief

They’ll have no access to how water and they’ll be sleeping in a squat

Nottingham ranks 2nd for student allegations of sexual harassment against members of staff

A new report says sexual harassment at our universities has reached ‘epidemic levels’

1,500 students and locals attend anti Trump protest

Protests took place all over the country in response to his immigration ban last night.

Three fire alarms went off in an exam in the space of an hour

They only got 20 minutes extra time

A Trent student is going to prison for transporting heroin

He’s got 16 months

£15 million has been put into making ‘improvements’ across campus

The giant TV is just part of it

Trent student gets criminal record for headbutting a queue jumper outside Ocean

Apparently he’s a model student set to achieve a high 2:1

UoN to spend £500,000 a year on cafe in new sports centre

Who needs more language staff when you can have a fancy-ass cafe?

Big Brother is looking for couples from Nottingham to enter the house

Big Brother is watching

There’s going to be a Dragons’ Den style event for Nottingham students

You can get up to £1000 to start your own Businesses

Eduroam crashes amid end of term deadlines

No one has time for this right now ffs

There’s going to be a UoN vs. Trent EATING COMPETITION

Forget Varsity, this is a battle that matters

Nottingham Gin Club to open next month

This is the news the people want

Nottingham students protest in London against uni fees

One girl dressed up as Theresa May

There have been over 900 complaints about students around Lenton this year

That’s almost three times as many as last year

There’s a chance it could snow in Nottingham this week

The Met Office has issued a warning across all of Nottinghamshire