Here’s what your favourite night out says about you as a Notts student

From the sticky floors of Ocean to the fresh downing pints at Sheaves

Notts nightlife is pretty intense, but a night out in the city will never disappoint and is also usually pretty cheap.  With multiple options, where do you choose to go? Are you a sucker for Crisis, an Ocean obsessor or even a hardcore Sheaves lover? Each night out is like a snowflake – unique and can never be repeated.

Every weekend students in Notts make their way into town to spend their student finance in their favourite pubs and clubs and your preferred night out says a lot about you. From Crisis to Sheaves, here’s the definitive guide of what your favourite night out in Notts says about you.

Ocean Friday

A night where dignity is never on the cards. It seems to be a rite of passage for UoN students at fresher’s fair to grab an ocean t – shirt or poster so that they can fully embrace the honourable Ocean. We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t yet experienced the sticky floors, all I can say is best of luck for when you finally feel the heat and sweatiness of Ocean Friday. From Magic Mike outfits to Black Tie, all is seen as normal in Ocean. It’s normal to be clutching onto 4 VKs while people around you take their tops off during the Baywatch theme but who cares – you’ll do it all again next week. If you get the opportunity to meet Andy Hoe, let’s just say your Nottingham experience is officially complete.

Crisis Wednesday

You definitely belong to a sports society. Whether you love main room, think it’s cool to mosh pit in BCL or just want to stay in FUCK IT (and say the same to your 9am) everyone is welcome at Crisis. Most likely wherever you go, you will be faced with a sea of white shirts, ties, luvyababes outfits and mullets. This is the place to reunite with a drunk ‘friend’ you met once or even worse, an ex situationship. This is the night out where societies come together as one to belt out T Swift which the rugby boys seem to suddenly know all the words to. Your night is most likely to end screaming your order at the Mega Munch cashier. If you’re a sucker for classic throwbacks, jägerbombs and throwing VK’s off the balcony, you are truly the epitome of a UoN student.

Good old Sheaves

Situated in the heart of Lenton, Sheaves is the second and third years second home. Whether it is a cheeky post – library pint, watching the rugby or just any evening in the week, you can always count on Sheaves and their minimum card spend. We’ve all been there and everyone knows you can’t go just for one. As soon as the sun comes out and you’ve got a cold pint in your hand, you may feel as if you’re on holiday, but you’re just living it up in Sheaves garden.


You’re an edgy student aren’t you? People that go here will say they’ve found some new underground music and then proceed to play Fred Again’s latest track. Just so you all know, there’s more than one hairstyle so it’s not compulsory to have a slick back ponytail. We get it, you think you’re different.


Some Notts students are still in mourning over the closure of our beloved Pryzm, unsure how to spend their Monday nights and desperately searching for that cheese room one last time. Monday’s just seem so blue without foam parties and free food even if it does fall on the floor. Pryzm lovers were so committed to trek to the other side of town and waving goodbye to their student loan although the cheap drinks did cushion the blow.

Unit 13

If you’re a frequent Unit 13 warrior, you’re probably someone who loves drum and bass and may or may not have an addiction to your vape. You think you’re different and edgy because you decide to go here on a Friday instead of Ocean. On the plus side, at least the lighting gave you good photos in rave glasses for your next IG post.


If Raglan is your go to then you are probably in second or third year and are willing to queue for hours in hope to get a picture in the iconic photo booth and a fairly cheap pint. Your night is highly likely to end in L’Italiano’s scoffing down a questionable looking pizza.


Tell me you go to Trent without telling me you go to Trent.

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