From player layers to sports night: Five reasons you should join a UoN sports team

Bleed green, roll gold

Everyone knows sports are good for the soul and fitness is essential for combatting the damage that the uni diet, vapes, and alcohol do to the system but that is not the only reason you should join a sports team. I strongly advise everyone to look at the student union page, do some Just play and Taster sessions and find a sport you’d like to try and simply give it a go. You might even find a new passion!

If you need a little more convincing, I’ve put together a list of the top five reasons why you should join a sports team during your time here in Notts. From gaining a souvenir to expanding your friendship group, here’s why you should join the Green and Gold army on their annual mission to thrash Trent.

1. You can own a player layer

Firstly, these thin jackets are a symbol that sets you apart. Not only do they highlight that you’re athletic and fit, but most importantly they’re a magnet of attraction. Dating a sporty person is hot which is why you see so many people wearing these bad boys in the library. It’s not for comfort, but it’s a strategic move that’s designed to attract. Also, in a few years, these are great souvenirs to remind you of your gold old uni days when you’re lying to your grandchildren about being a serious athlete.

2. Sports night

Sports nights are legendary and are probably the thing most associated with sports teams. Everyone knows about the mysterious initiations and the friendly bullying of “fresh”. These nights are by far one of the best aspects of sports teams. Socials are fun, themed and you can guarantee that you will not care that you’re dressed like a grape in crisis when you’re being picked up off the floor by your more sober friend. Honestly, you’d be surprised by how many people flock to you in crisis when you’re dressed like a minion. No matter how interesting you look, people know you’re with a sports team and that’s hot…minus the neon yellow because that isn’t.

3. It creates balance

University is tough, and having a routine is critical. Joining a sports team is great for helping you create a balanced well-rounded lifestyle. You must commit to training sessions, so you’re forced to balance your studies and create a timetable for yourself, increasing your productivity overall. Additionally, your mental health can also improve as you can use sports for stress relief and gain that all important endorphin pump as well as just taking a break from academia.

4. You gain new friends and support

Joining sports teams offers the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, various academic years and different courses. By becoming part of a sports team, you can expand your friendship circle beyond your first-year friends and course mates. Interacting with teammates of different ages and areas provides a platform to seek guidance and support from those who have navigated university life a little longer than you have. Lastly, sports teams serve as hubs of mutual encouragement, fostering an environment where friendships flourish and bonds deepen through shared experiences and hard work, evidenced by the very impressive UON Pole society below.

5. BUCS Wednesdays

Lastly, the main reason you should want to join sports teams are for the all-important BUCs events. Nothing feels better than thrashing other unis on a Wednesday afternoon. Through BUCs Big Wednesdays, you not only get to let your competitive energy out and channel it against other teams, but everyone is watching you. You wear the green and gold with pride, have the support of friends and feel invincible until you’re inevitably carried home from Crisis just a few hours later.

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