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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in Nottingham RIGHT NOW

They missed Crisis though

Crisis asked their followers to rate a girl ‘Hot or Not’ on Instagram

They also filmed the same student with the caption ‘free lapdances’

Here are the best costumes from Seven Legged

The most effort people put into fancy dress all year

Nottingham ranked in the top 20 unis in the UK by the Good University Guide 2018

We came 29 places above Trent loool

William Petrou-Nunn is your BNOC of the Year 2017!

Nearly 2000 of you voted in the final

BNOC of the Year: The Finals

Time to decide who’s the biggest name of them all

BNOC of the Year: Heat 4

Here’s your last lot

BNOC of the Year: Heat 3

Here’s your third lot of BNOCs

BNOC of the Year: Heat 2

Time to meet the second round of contestants

BNOC of the Year: Heat 1

The nominations are in; here’s the first round of contestants

Nominations for BNOC of the Year 2017 are now open!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for

Almost half of Nottingham’s students will be voting for Labour

Most defined policy as the most influencial factor for their vote

Former Gen Sec of Nottingham Labour Students’ Committee under fire for racist tweets

She said things like ‘supporting the nigger race’

Ocean is banning Baywatch due to health and safety concerns

Goodnight sweet prince

Two Nottingham Students are living below the poverty line for Comic Relief

They’ll have no access to how water and they’ll be sleeping in a squat

Inside Nottingham’s nicest student house

It’s literally a mansion

Eduroam crashes amid end of term deadlines

No one has time for this right now ffs

We asked a police inspector how to avoid crime in Lenton

He kept it short and sweet

Nottingham named best university for graduate employment

Have that Oxbridge

Notts English Student wins second paralympic gold medal

He won every match in his competition class

Roaccutane made me severely depressed, but it also made me the person I am today

It was the most emotionally challenging time of my life

You can now use Tinder to go on group dates

But what if you both fancy the same one

We asked London shops and restaurants if they’re sick of Pokémon hunters

‘I don’t see what the fuss is about, they all seem like mugs to be honest’

You can now buy your tickets for the big six nights at Ocean

Lord Hoe hath spoken

You can now apply for your own blue tick on Twitter

Mum, I made it

Nottingham yet again ranked in the top one per cent of the world’s unis

It’s getting boring now

Vigil held in Nottingham in memory of the victims of the Orlando Shootings

200 people arrived at Speaker’s Corner to pay their respects

Nottingham student fined £562 for using the wrong ticket to get to Beeston

The journey lasted less than 10 minutes

There’s nothing worse than Saturday exams

Where’s the freedom?

The Hockey Club had an alumni reunion dinner and it looked classic

Bridging the generational gap with Sauvignon Blanc

Nottingham is the most environmentally friendly campus in the world

Bare green

One million pound refurbishment rumoured for Oceana

They’re also rebranding and opening a Hookah bar on Ilkeston Road

The sad demise of Nottingham’s Yik Yak

It had to die out at some point

Nottingham ranked in the top five student cities in the UK

There’s more to Notts than Forum

What we’ve learned during our first term at Notts

Weight gained, dignity lost

We sent a Sociology fresher to a medicine lecture

Turns out it’s pretty hard

Tributes paid to Notts grad who passed away in light aircraft accident

Emily Garvey graduated last year

Starbucks’ red cups are the worst things on campus at Christmas

Basic af

We give Nottingham £1.8 million every day

Why do the locals hate us so much?