PSA: Here are the best places for your parents to stay for graduation

Because they deserve something cosy

As time flies and three years of hard work are about to pay off, graduation seems like it’s just around the corner. Now you’re beginning to cherish the small things in life like running to catch the perennially packed 34 bus, procrastinating your dissertation in George Green in between lectures, and going to weekly Crisis with your friends and convincing yourselves that you’ll still make it to your dreaded 9am the next day.

Sunnier days are coming and the anticipation, fear and excitement of graduating is rapidly building. No matter what happens, everything will be alright and you can be proud of all the friends and memories you have made. To make your big day easier, here are the top places we recommend your family stays for your graduation.

The Orchard Hotel & Restaurant

If you’re looking for a place that’s convenient and close by, then look no further. The Orchard Hotel is a popular choice for many, especially as it is located on University Park Campus and only a short walk from David Ross. The hotel facilities are super modern and up-to-date, and rooms throughout receive scenic views overlooking the surrounding city and campus. Not to mention it’s rated a four-star hotel which is pretty fancy if you ask me. The hotel also boasts a staggering 202 rooms and has its very own contemporary brasserie/ bar (Bramley Restaurant) which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; making it an ideal location for a short trip.

Hugh Stewart Manor House

As part of the Nottingham Venues Franchise, there is also an option to stay on campus outside of the Orchard Hotel (which I honestly did not know about until writing this article). If you’re looking for a more intimate and private place to stay, Hugh Stewart House might be perfect as it exudes an understated charm, hidden away in the woodlands yet still located in the heart of campus. This Grade II listed Gothic manor house was built in the 19th century and contains four elegant suites, as well as access to a lavish drawing room. Each room has been newly refurbished whilst still preserving the existing historical grandeur, so if that’s your cup of tea then this might very well be the place for you.

The Jubilee Hotel & Conferences

Located on the Jubilee Campus, the Jubilee Hotel is only a 15 minute walk from University Park campus and a short bus ride away from the city centre; making it a super accessible and viable option. This hotel comprises of 101 guest rooms and has its own cafe (Spokes Cafe) which only serves breakfast to guests.  Like the Orchard Hotel, the Jubilee Hotel boasts beautiful views and is situated lakeside on 65 acres of sprawling greenery. Its facilities are current and the hotel is rated three stars, making it a very solid place to stay.

Lace Market Hotel

If you’d prefer to stay outside the realms of the University, then staying in the city centre would probably be your next best bet. Located opposite the National Justice Museum, Lace Market Hotel is a great place to stay with Pitcher and Piano. Nottingham Contemporary Art Museum is also right on your doorstep. This hotel is ideal for a cultural experience in Nottingham and is sure to keep your parents occupied. The Lace Market Hotel has a rich history and is a small boutique hotel, consisting of only 51 rooms as well as having its own pub; giving it a low-key and relaxed vibe.

Hart’s Hotel and Kitchen

Last but not least, Hart’s Hotel is a unique enterprise as it is situated on a private estate. This hotel is located in the thick of town and is a stone’s throw away from Nottingham Castle. According to various outlets, Hart’s is the best-rated hotel within the region which definitely stands for something. Compared to other hotels, Hart’s is the smallest, holding only 32 bedrooms, making it a unique, quiet enclave. The Hotel itself is situated on a hill, with the hotel restaurant (Hart’s Kitchen) having its balcony overlooking the city’s panoramic views, making it a delightful place to stay particularly in the summer.

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