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Klute bouncers aggressively choke and ‘punch’ student before dropping him to ground

They also chased other students and appeared to kick them

Bouncers at Klute were filmed last night choking one student with a bloodied nose and then throwing him to the ground, The Tab Durham can reveal.

Whilst bouncers were involved with a number of students apparently asked to leave the club early on Saturday morning, one student was restrained by multiple bouncers, with one holding him by the neck. An eyewitness described the bouncer as "strangling" the student.

In a video acquired by The Tab Durham, bouncers can then be seen charging at other students and taking them to the ground.

One eyewitness, Dan, told The Tab: “There was some arguing between the students and the bouncers, it got a bit aggressive, the bouncer then retaliated and got one in a headlock and dragged him to the floor.

“A few minutes later it kicked off again with one of the bouncers strangling the student whilst the other two restrained his arms."

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Bouncers chased students to the ground, shouting, before appearing to kick them

He added: “This continued for 5-10 seconds or so until they had him pinned up against the wall then one of them punched him in the nose which is why he was bleeding.”

The student who was punched, and has requested to remain anonymous, told The Tab he was punched in the nose after being kicked out for asking the door staff why his friend was removed from the club. He said: "My mate got kicked out and I didnt see the reason why so I asked them why they kicked him out. Then they told me that I was kicked out so I kept on asking why and then they restrained me.

"They punched me while another restrained me by headlocking me."

Charlotte, who was also present at the scene, told The Tab there was “lots of talk at the bouncers but nothing physical towards them – just drunken chat. Then all hell broke loose, and the bouncers start taking people down by the throat.”

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The student with the bloodied nose is held by one bouncer, while another looks on at his friend, on the ground

She continued: “One guy was wrestled to the ground into a barrier, and just before, the guy whose nose was later bleeding, was held by two bouncers as another strangled him.

“The lads gave up resisting very quickly but the bouncers refused to care even as the queue shouted for them to stop.”

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Bouncers aggressively choke a student while his arms are held in the air, before taking him to the ground

A spokesperson for Klute said: "We use an external doorstaff agency who have been notified about the incident and will be investigating the incident alongside the police and the venue management who are cooperating fully with enquiries.

"Klute do not endorse violence against our customers or staff and aim to promote a safe and friendly environment for all who work and frequent the venue."

Durham Constabulary were contacted for comment but were not aware of the incident.