Joe Banfield

Joe Banfield
Durham University


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DSU president-elect ‘escorted from open day’ by uni security while handing out flyers about accommodation fees

The uni has said it is investigating an incident involving security and students

Exclusive: June Ball 2018 performers asked to pay to attend after £23k overspend last year

Acts have been asked to pay up to £70 to perform

It’s mental health awareness week. Here are some things you need to know

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness – it is a sign of strength, and one of the bravest things that you can do.

UPDATE: In a stunning U-turn, Durfess re-admit Van Mildert to College War despite exec member buying votes

Justice was temporarily served

Van Mildert are guilty of the worst vote-rigging since Brexit and should be disqualified immediately

First Brexit, then Cambridge Analytica, and now a Brazilian bot cheating scandal. When will this madness end?

Van Mildert accused of ‘undermining democracy’ after Brazillian bot Durfess cheating scandal

Two hours in and almost half of their likes have come from abroad

Engineering department apologises for exam errors

The department also has also promised to ‘review our internal processes’

DURFC former vice-treasurer convicted of assault and sexual assault

He has been committed to prison for a total of 38 weeks

Breaking: Durham Uni vows to ‘investigate immediately’ after rebel academics set up fiery Twitter account

The account gained over 1,000 followers within 24 hours of going live

Durham Champagne society’s summer ball will not go ahead this year

The 2016 ball was described by The Telegraph as a ‘drunken, drug-fuelled orgy’

Durham Uni and County Council plan to build new footpaths and widen the Church Street pavement

Along with new buildings for Maths and Computer Science

Universities should not be entirely safe spaces, free speech inquiry finds

It blames ‘unnecessary bureaucracy’ imposed on students

Durham’s Pret is closing next week

Try not to splutter your vanilla macchiato

Breaking: Durham academics threatened with deportation have been granted Indefinite Leave to Remain

The couple have said they “can’t quite believe it”

The Home Office has put a temporary block on deporting Durham academics Ernesto and Arely

Over 65,000 people have now signed the petition

Klute bouncers aggressively choke and ‘punch’ student before dropping him to ground

They also chased other students and appeared to kick them

Durham University Council votes to leave newest college unnamed in case of ‘a substantial donor’

Only one member voted against

Tom Harwood has been roasted in today’s Morning Star

There’s a paragraph about him in a ‘sidebar of scabs’

Next year’s SU president has been announced

The results were revealed in the riverside café

Who are the students running for DSU President, and what do they want?

Two thirds of them are called Josh

The Christian Union’s temporary café is Durham’s best boho-chic aesthetic space

Do I see you queueing for Flat White? Catch up, darling

A Durham student has been crushed to death in a nightclub queue

This story will be updated regularly

Prince Charles is coming to Durham next week

And he is going to meet ‘members of the public’

Durham Uni’s hummus society are the newest BNOCs in town

They’ve become a national icon

M&S is closing and we don’t know what to do with ourselves

Can Tesco Finest even compare?

A round up of everything that happened at Durham Uni in 2017

A spectacular year

Exclusive: Durham Union Secretary resigns after comparing women’s periods to pooing your pants

He said women wearing short skirts is ‘like leaving your door unlocked’

Extremist anti-Islamic groups are planning a protest in Millennium Square on Saturday

Don’t worry: there will be counter-demonstrations

This Durham first-year has beaten professional Oxbridge Economists to win a prize worth £10,000

She doesn’t even do Economics

‘We’re the best band in Durham’: Meet the gorgeous boys of Caylon

They’ve just released their first EP

‘Find a classroom and shelter’: Elvet Riverside shut down as ‘explosive devices’ handed into Police Station

The cordon has now been removed, lectures are continuing, and a ‘controlled detonation’ has taken place

A Trevs formal collapsed into such deep chaos that college threatens to ban formals in future

Yes, of course there were food fights

Stop press: Durham students spend the least on going out

A giant shock to one and all

These are the degrees with the biggest gender pay gap for grads in the UK

Some earn up to £3,000 less

Exclusive: Over half of students at Durham say they have suffered from a mental illness

Just two per cent said they used Nightline

Two people have been arrested for trying to sell a leaked A-level exam paper

Ironically the question was about a leaking cylinder

‘I flew from Newcastle to London, via Spain, just to save £40’

But don’t worry he spent his savings on cocktails in Wetherspoons

Tab investigation finds student accommodation buildings across the UK are covered in Grenfell-style cladding

We have confirmed cases at five universities and other buildings are under inspection

A swanky new course at John’s will be the world’s first

No prizes for guessing which subject it’s in

These are the most oversubscribed universities in the UK according to UCAS

It’s not Cambridge, it’s not Oxford, it’s not even Aberystwyth

‘Sell it in Boots’: A Cambridge Professor says study drugs should be sold over the counter

A third of students say they’ve taken them

Durham University fires pure sass in spicy email announcing it will contest silver TEF rating

‘Durham is an exceptional institution, and we believe it should be rated Gold’

Exclusive: Durham University Islamic Society has been handing out booklets encouraging terrorism

‘Every Muslim should be a terrorist to anti-social elements in society’

Chris Hemsworth rolls into Durham in a blacked out Range Rover for Avengers filming

The Cathedral is buzzing today

Confirmed: Filming at Durham Cathedral is for next Avengers film

The Avengers crew have blown their disguise

Apparently the next Avengers film is being filmed in Durham Cathedral this coming week

The assumption is backed up by evidence

McDonald’s is finally coming to Durham

Opening in October with a half-price student promo

We spoke to Godfrey Bloom when he came to Durham and bought ‘beer for the men and wine for the ladies’

Durham’s favourite racist uncle talks alcohol, banks, and hitting Michael Crick

There’s a Cuth’s Instagram account that posts menus early

@cuthscomida: “Menu updates, tepid banter”

Godfrey Bloom is coming to Durham

Banking and beer with a former UKIP MEP

In defence of wearing pyjamas to lectures

The debate of our generation

We spoke to the Durham students who protested Trump’s refugee ban

“I’m from Iraq. I can’t go to the USA any more.”

Durham students to protest Trump’s refugee ban this afternoon

Which side of history will you be on?

Some of the most unbelievable pics of Durham

Get ready to be insta-jealous

I look like Harry Potter but I don’t know who he is

Do you know Joe Banfield? Oh, you know, er … the one that looks like Harry Potter?

Durham students react to Trump’s election

Could it be worse than Brexit?

It’s forecast to snow in Durham tomorrow

Yes, winter really is coming…

Christmas has hit Durham

There are 53 sleeps until Christmas.

We asked you about the weirdest things you’ve bought online

Don’t be shy