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Newcastle Uni Boat Club is on a mission to beat the ferry between Newcastle and Amsterdam

Last time it took them almost 15 hours

The Newcastle Uni Boat Club are planning to "race the ferry" from Newcastle to Amsterdam this weekend. The rowing machines will be on the ferry and the team will travel to Amsterdam during the challenge.

The team will take it in turns to row on two rowing machines on an overnight mission.

The race will begin on Friday night as the DFDS ferry leaves the dock. Five years ago it took them 14hrs and 38mins, but will they be able to beat this record?

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The total distance they are aiming to cover is a huge 500km, with each member of the team rowing roughly 31km each.

They are raising money to help the club maintain and expand its boat fleet. This is especially important as they enter the fresh academic year, welcoming new members into their club.

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For more information and to donate to their cause, click here!

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