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This couple at Newcastle Uni hosted a Love Island themed dinner party

Official Eat Bits Society

We've all imagined what it would be like to be in the Love Island villa. Free stuff, a luxury villa for eight weeks (provided the public don't despise you), unlimited drama, a pool.

Of course, there's also the darker side of Love Island. Getting relentlessly dumped for smaller, blonder models like Hayley, all while you slowly spiral into insanity as Caroline Flack and three million people watch, including these celebrities.

This couple combined the best elements of Love Island: the bizarre puns, suspiciously demanding texts that verge on being something out of a Black Mirror episode, and the luxury of good food and better company.

Meet Lydia Neave and Joe Frost, the couple from Newcastle who hosted a Love Island themed dinner party this weekend. Pictured below, they also dressed as Love Island 2017 winners Kem and Amber on Halloween last year.

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The concept was posted on Twitter along with a photo of the menu, a text invite to the "Islanders", and some of the Love Island inspired food served that evening. Iain Sterling retweeted it, saying "Puns even I’m proud of! Congrats."

Speaking to the Tab, Lydia said: "Me and my boyfriend and our four friends decided to do couples' Come Dine With Me. When it got to mine and my boyfriend's turn, we wanted to make it Love Island theme.

"We thought of all the Love Island language and phrases we could and then made up the puns. The puns genuinely came before the food! We put Love Island banners up and played the Love Island playlist. It all went down well, including the food!"

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From a menu entitled "Eat Bits Society", they served a "Blazin' Quad" of King prawns cooked four ways and served on pea crostinis.

The main dish was "I've Got a Text-Mex", a sweet potato dish with baked eggs, salsa, and guacomole. Dessert was a Chocolate "Peng Tortue", no doubt inspired by Adam calling Rosie a "peng sort".

To drink there was a Sex on the Beach "Muggy Mocktail" or a Jack and Dani inspired "Coupled up Cocktail".

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Okay now I'm hungry

Lydia and Joe truly outdid themselves, even going for Love Island decorations, and it's safe to say they're bigger fans than you.