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These are all the celebs that watch Love Island plus their Twitter opinions about it

Wait, Paris Hilton is watching?!

Last year, Stormzy broke the Internet after his tweet about Chris was exposed in a Love Island challenge, and Olivia still isn't over it. Jeremy Corbyn also admitted a soft spot for the show, pledging allegiance to Marcel.

But which celebs are tuning in this year to watch Georgia's ever wavering loyalty, the Do Bits Society, Laura having a daily moan, Wes and Jack's impressions and Alex get pied off three times a week?

By the grace of Twitter, we can reveal which celebs are tuning in to Love Island this year.

Margot Robbie

In this interview with Metro, Margot Robbie says she "absolutely loves Love Island", and wants Jack and Dani to win. When asked about her likeness to Megan, she said she didn't see the resemblance and made a series of Jennifer Lawrence-esque jokes about how fat she is and could never be on Love Island. Okay Margot.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen made her comeback with new album "No Shame", featuring artist Giggs, but what everyone remembers most from Lily this year is this iconic tweet where she admitted to getting thrown out of the Glamour awards for being in a K-hole. Lily's been live-tweeting the most dramatic moments from Love Island this year.

Paris Hilton

Among Paris Hilton's sassy and retweetable content was a show of support for Samira Mighty after her surprising exit from the villa.

Nina Nesbitt

Singer-songwriter Nina was immortalised in song by Ed Sheeran, who wrote a song about her called Nina. When she's not begging him to take off his hoodie already and change the song name to Tina, she's watching Love Island and sharing popular memes about the show's contestants.

Loyle Carner

We don't deserve some of the Georgia memes we've been given this year. And it's fair to say, when you sincerely believe you're loyalty incarnate while not even showing a shred of allegiance to anyone, you're going to be made into a meme. You've heard of the Loyal Mail, now get ready for Loyal Carner.

Maya Jama

TV and Radio Presenter Maya Jama has been tuning in to Love Island this year, following in her boyfriend Stormzy's footsteps and throwing shade at the most annoying Islanders.

George Osbourne

Connoisseur of the Tory power stance and former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne now serves as Editor of the London Evening Standard. He revealed he's a fan of the show during the first week of Love Island while correcting Stig Abell on Twitter.

Paul Chuckle

Right, I'm calling it now. George Osbourne was the tip of the iceberg. There is no way this list of celebs who watch Love Island can get any more obscure. Not unless you throw in a child actor from Outnumbered or a Chuckle Brother.