Mollie Simpson
Mollie Simpson

Features Editor // The Tab Manchester

The University of Manchester is the 29th best university in the world

And sixth in the UK

An Oak House fresher found a naked drunk guy in his bed after popping to the kitchen

He still doesn’t know how he got there

‘Thank god I know karate’: An MMU student has been attacked by teenagers on the Curry Mile

They asked him if he had any weed

Ariana Grande’s new single ‘No Tears Left to Cry’ epitomises Manchester’s culture

It’s a touching tribute to the city’s unique spirit

The best of the heatwave in Fallowfield, pictured

Suns out guns out

A student describes being ‘masturbated to’ from a car window in Fallowfield

It’s the third time that this has happened

The theme for Summer Pangaea has just been announced

And on the seventh day God announced Pangaea

Antwerp’s ‘Better in the ’90s’ night will now be hosted at Factory

How the mighty have fallen

Antwerp Mansion is coming back as a laser tag venue for over 14s

Battle Mansion? R u ok

Nobody panic but Sankeys is being recreated at Parklife this year

Sankeys is coming baaaaack, baby

All the annoying things everyone needs to stop doing on Fallowfield Students Group

This is NOT still available

FriendsFest is coming to Manchester again

How you doin’, Heaton Park

Everything we know about the pro-life protest at UoM yesterday

They were protesting against abortion with an aim to change UK abortion laws

I did my weekly food shop at New Zealand Wines and it was better than Sains

A lot of my dinners were carb based

Here are the best tweets about Fallowfield to remind us all why we love it so much

Despite all the mugging

This is not a drill, there will be loads of cute dogs in Squirrels tomorrow

Everybody stay calm

Your ultimate guide to dressing for Antwerp Mansion: The home of wavy garms

Leave the Jack Wills at home, hun x

Homeless people in Manchester will be guaranteed somewhere to sleep this week

Beds will be provided during this snowy period

There have been multiple reports of phones being stolen at Hot Mess

Pls give them back

The ultimate Valentine’s Day guide for newly single students

Clue: it involves booze and ice cream