Mollie Simpson
Mollie Simpson

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Warehouse Project have announced their full season line-up for 2018

WHP season here we come

Warehouse Project to host their last year in Store Street

Goodbye to the WHP spiritual home

Antwerp is opening until 11 in September


Antwerp are making a mysterious announcement on Sunday

Dropping hints

The Manchester students who painted over the Kipling poem have received death threats

‘You’ll see the wrath of far-right extremism’

Love Island’s Dr Alex has taken us on a journey and divided group chats across the land


Official UoM Instagram hijacked in fossil fuel investment protest at graduation

Graduates spilling tea

Quiz: Can you accurately guess all the ages of the Love Island contestants?


This couple at Newcastle Uni hosted a Love Island themed dinner party

Official Eat Bits Society

Welcome to the Warehouse: Warehouse Project opening weekend revealed

WHP is back, baby

Manchester students have painted over a ‘racist’ Rudyard Kipling poem in the Students’ Union

They replaced it with a poem by Maya Angelou

These are all the celebs that watch Love Island plus their Twitter opinions about it

Wait, Paris Hilton is watching?!

Why have three British teenagers died at Eden Roc hotel in just four months?

They fell a 65 foot drop from ‘the Walkway of Death’

This is what the Love Island contestants would be if they were meal deals

Megan is obvs the Naked smoothie

Revealed: Police only solved one sexual and violent crime in Fallowfield last year

It’s well below the national average

There is an LGBT+ Campaign at UoM boycotting Manchester Pride this year

An alternative event will take place instead

Adam from Love Island is coming to Manchester for a club appearance in August

Will he still be relevant though

Adam from Love Island has bravely announced all his club appearances until November

But will he still be relevant?

‘Lower grade requirements made me work harder’: Uni is being made more accessible for low-income students

We spoke to low-income students about lowering grade boundaries