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There’s an Instagram account claiming to reveal all of Hayley’s lies on Love Island

And it’s run by her ex’s friend

People haven't warmed to Hayley Hughes on Love Island. And it's not hard to see why, considering she used Eyal to keep her place on the villa and then went around telling everyone his breathing annoyed her. She also thought Brexit was about mass deforestation and generally nothing she says ever makes sense.

But imagine disliking her so much that you create an Instagram page called Hayley's Lies of the Island, which posts 18 memes a day slating her. That's exactly what Hayley's ex-boyfriend's mate (!!!) did, and the account has already amassed over 13,700 followers in under ten days.

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Her ex's friend claims he made the page to show the world that Hayley was still with her ex weeks ago, even though she said he cheated on her six months ago and they broke up.

The memes portray Hayley as a liar and make personal digs at her family. While most find them funny, a few are criticising the blatant use of misogyny in the humour in the comments.

For example one caption reads: "When ITV contact Hayley and her vagina latched on to her knickers with a 200 mph. Bite Faster and powerful than a great white sharks bite"

While another caption is: "Hayley’s nickers when itv came calling lower the tele higher yeah phones yeah welcome"

We spoke to the person running the account and asked them what they're hoping to achieve with all of this:

What is the long-term goal for your Instagram account?

I'm not trying to achieve nothing. Someone asked me if I'm doing this account for money, I'm not assed about money. Do you know what I mean?

You either get good publicity or the bad publicity. She's getting the bad publicity. She's an absolute liar. She thinks she's better than the lads in there, as if she's some girl – unbelievable.

What is Hayley like back at home?

She's just a normal girl to be honest, but people think the fame has gone to her head. She hasn't been single for six months. This is the reason this has all happened and the Instagram account was made.

She said it's been six months to cover her own back, because when she applied for the show she was still in a relationship. She was with him, like two weeks ago. They were together for over five years. They met years ago.

Did she lie about only being with one person?

Well she's been with my mate for years now, I can't speak for what I don't know. I couldn't say whether she has or she hasn't.

But they were together for five years. At the end of the day, I don't know but it's probably another fucking lie to be honest.

What has the ex said about it? Is he devastated?

No to be honest with you, he's not. The reason the page got made was because it was my idea. He's just sitting there, he doesn't look happy. They were together for the last six months, that's a long time.

What do the memes about her mum and the car mean?

Her ex used to give them cars. He got her mum a car. He got them all sorts to be honest with you. He's been with her for nearly six years. She didn't have much, she had looks that's about it. He just looked after her for whole five years.

Is there more proof to the fact she was still with her ex in April?

I've got a picture of him and her at the races. I've got loads of proof, pictures of them at the Grand National. She hasn't been single for six months. When you tell lies, they're going to get found out.

Some are saying your account posts extremely harsh content. Would you agree with that?

I don't think they're harsh. If you're on reality TV, you're fair game, that's just the truth.