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Meet the models appearing in the Newcastle RAG fashion show 2018: The girls

It’s happening tomorrow

We've met the boys, now it's the girls turn.

Newcastle's charity fashion show will return on Thursday in the SU to raise money for Friends of Conservation, Women for Women International, Coppafeel and Oddballs and these gorge gals will be walking the runway.

The event kicks off with welcome drinks from 7pm and general tickets can be bought online for £6 or with a goody bag for £8.

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The show is joining forces with Newcastle Fashion Society and is featuring brands such as Topshop, Topman, Lipsy and Doc Marten.

Coordinator Chess Ridley told The Tab Newcastle: "Modelling in the show the two previous years, I've seen how it has constantly improved year on year so it's a huge honour to be part of continuing that. Its a huge show, bringing together people from all across the university all to raise money for amazing causes."

Here come the gals…

Amara – Niani Jackson, postgrad, Clinical Psychology

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"Modelling allows me to express and embrace who I am as a person."

Annie Chavez, third year, Economics and Finance

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"To represent Fashion Society!"

Charlie Haywood, second year, Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

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"Had no idea what was going on but my housemate made me audition, and it turns out I got cast!"

Deenu Nathan, third year, Biomedical Science

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"It was the perfect opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone, it makes it even better that it is all for a good cause."

Doyin Oyekan, masters, International Business Management

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"It seemed really fun and for a good cause, so I auditioned and somehow here I am."

Lizzie Cavill, third year, Maths & Psychology

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"Because there's not many things being a 6ft tall girl is good for."

Lucy Hunt, second year, Geography and French

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"I've done it two years in a row because it's so much fun, and I joined originally because a friend told me about it! So happy I went for it I've met some really great people."

Lucy Turner, second year, Biology and Psychology

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"I'm modelling because Chess (one of the Fashion Show coordinators) asked me to come and audition haha, but I love being on the stage."

Manuella Aturia, third year, Biomedical Sciences

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"Because who doesn't want to be Naomi Campbell for a day?"

Sneha Vincent, third year, Law

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"I've always thought representing your unique self was important. That is what got me into fashion. And now here I am, modelling, raising money for charity, running in elections and having fun."

Rachel Gracie Cheng , second year, Biomedical Sciences

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"Any excuse to strut my stuff. Doing it for a good cause is also a bonus."

Molly Allan, third year, Biochemistry

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"I needed the motivation to eat more healthily – turns out I've had more KFCs in the run up due to even the thought of dieting."