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Two Newcastle University graduates join the cast of Made In Chelsea

They are Sophie ‘Habbs’ and Clemmie

Two recent Newcastle University graduates, Sophie Habboo and Clementine Cuthbertson, have joined Made in Chelsea. Sophie or 'Habbs' graduated from Newcastle in 2015 with a degree in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies, whilst Clemmie graduated last year with a degree in Sociology.

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Both girls, thought to have been in Newcastle accommodation, Castle Leazes, have made quite an entrance to the Chelsea lifestyle. Sophie and Clemmie, of course, are already best mates with Frankie and Liv. The most recent episode saw the girls getting their nails done and going out for dates with the Chelsea boys that we know so well.

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In the ep Sophie has seemingly found herself some Myttons for Christmas, whilst Jamie Laing's treatment of Clemmie we think really takes the biscuit.

Clemmie actually fought in Newcastle's charity boxing event last year, Fight Night (pft to Jamie Laing for saying that he could box in the episode).

Bae ft. Avril Lavigne ??

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It's nice to see that these ex-Newcastle grads-come-bombshells get on so well after going to uni together. Friends are for life, not just for freshers.