Fight Night 2017: Introducing the fighters

For the first time there are four female boxers

Fight Night returns in 2017 – this time with four female fighters – bringing the total number of fights up to ten.

The night, which is happening on Wednesday 3rd May, is being billed as the most diverse list of contenders in the history of Fight Night. Ranging from first years to fourth years, Newcastle Uni and Northumbria Uni students.

Organiser Connor Berry told The Tab: “It’s looking to be the biggest and most diverse event we’ve ever done, each event grows and grows and this time we’ve got fighters from Newcastle Uni, Northumbria Uni and even some Geordie locals!

“I think what people really enjoy is the excuse to get dressed up! This time the female support has been overwhelming. The majority of the ringside tables have been booked by girls and we have have 4 female fighters which is great to see, Girl power has well and truly swept the ring!”

In fight order, here are the contestants and their height and weight information.

Katy Griffin v Izzie Maude

Katy Griffin

Height: 5ft 8; Weight: 70kg.

Izzie Maude

Height: 5ft 6; Weight: 58kg.

Kori “THE GENERAL Adu v Ali “MR MAKE IT HAPPEN” Bentaleb


Height: 6ft; Weight: 85kg.

Ali “MR MAKE IT HAPPEN” Bentaleb

Height: 5ft 11; Weight: 83kg.

Alex “FIRE IN THE” Booth v Jonny “JELLY” Gilpin

Alex “FIRE IN THE” Booth

Chose not to disclose

Jonny “JELLY” Gilpin

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 70kg;

Clemmie “CUT THROAT” Cuthbertson v Annie “BASH’ER” Bletsoe

Clemmie “CUT THROAT” Cuthbertson

Height: 5ft 6; Weight: 65kg.

Annie “BASH’ER” Bletsoe

Height: 5ft 6; Weight: 63kg.

Sam Snoxall v Hamish Dodson

Sam Snoxall

Height: 5ft 7; Weight: 64kg.

Hamish Dodson

Chose not to disclose

Fred “THE BIG BAD BRAD” Bradshaw v Ed Aubyn

Fred “THE BIG BAD BRAD” Bradshaw

Height: 6ft 2; Weight: 81kg.

Ed Aubyn

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 75kg.

Zach “THE ATTACK” Thomas Charles “THE EARL” Gray

Zach “THE ATTACK” Thomas

Height: 5ft 8; Weight: 72kg.

Charles “THE EARL” Gray

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 69kg.

Mahmoud “THE PRINCE OF EGYPT” Awad v Josh “THE BOSH” Clarke


Height: 6ft 1; Weight: 87kg,

Josh “THE BOSH” Clarke

Height: 6ft 1; Weight: 87kg.

Barnaby “SPRATTSMAN” Spratt v Charles “THE BOSS” Ross

Barnaby “SPRATTSMAN” Spratt

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 77kg.

Charles “THE BOSS” Ross

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 74kg.

Jake “THE SNAKE” Armitage v Dylan Teasdale

Jake “THE SNAKE” Armitage

Height: 5ft 11; Weight: 82kg.

Dylan Teasdale

Height: 5ft 10; Weight: 83kg.