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Ex-Newcastle graduate Kate Ovens has 99k likes on her Facebook page

Newcastle’s most influential student of 2016

Kate Ovens left Newcastle University in 2016 with a Marketing Management BA.

Kate has risen to fame after taking on various HUGE food challenges which have seen her eating vast amounts of food in very limited amounts of times.

At Newcastle Kate wrote for The Tab and was voted Newcastle's most influential student of 2016, as well as having 10,000 likes on her Facebook page. Since leaving uni Kate has become an internet sensation and currently has 99,000 likes on her page. She has also worked for names such as LADbible, NFL, KFC and Jagermeister.

Today we caught up with Kate Ovens to see what she’s been up to since being at uni and to see what advice she has for those of us still in the Toon.

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What have you been up to since leaving Newcastle University?

I have literally been here, there and all over the place. I started working fulltime at LADbible from December 2016 and worked as a full-time presenter up until June. Since June I have gone freelance and back to doing my own stuff. I am now working with various brands, creating content in regard to their products and campaigns.

Are you still doing food challenges?

I am doing anything from food challenges to a cool story. I recently filmed a Night in the Museum at the Natural History Museum, where we slept there overnight. It was really cool, there was gin tasting and you could watch films throughout the night in the museum. I am trying to diversify my content, I’m actually going out to Abu Dhabi next week for the F1 and I’m filming with Viceroy Hotels.

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What is your favourite food challenge you’ve ever done?

My favourite was the Beefy Boys in Hereford. The burger challenge was a 58 ounce burger and I managed 48 ounces, I was gutted but even though I didn’t finish it still ended up in the Daily Mail. The guys were just the coolest bunch of guys ever. I’ve gone back since doing the challenge and the food is amazing, I am already planning next year’s visit. It’s been voted one of the top three burgers in the world and they are honestly the nicest guys ever.

How do you stay in shape?

I try to keep as active as possible, my step count yesterday was 25,000 steps. I eat as healthily as I can when I am not doing food challenges or reviewing menus and try to stay as active as humanly possible. I did three challenges alone last week: a pizza challenge, a fish and chip challenge and a breakfast challenge. Therefore, I need to keep active and be healthy over the next couple of weeks to counteract the challenges.

If you could only have one meal on a deserted island what would it be?

Pizza. It’s my favourite go to for everything.

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When or how did you realise you could eat a lot of food!?

I used to be a bit chubby growing up and so I decided I wanted to lose the weight but I never really ever lost my appetite. In my second year of uni I went down to a restaurant, that’s sadly not open now, and I was the only one that finished in the time limit. It all sprung from there.

What was your favourite thing about Newcastle when you were a student?

The friendship group of girls I had on my course and everyone else I made friends with up there. I still see everyone now and I recently went back up to visit Newcastle and I just love the whole vibe. Everyone is so friendly and I loved being in that bubble. I can guarantee I do not miss the Robbo though!

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At her graduation

What do you miss most about the Toon?

The drinks prices.

Top five places to eat in Newcastle?

Babucho, Fat Hippo, Shark Bar/Club, Zapatista and Dabbawal.

What Newcastle food challenges did you do?

I did the Jam Jar burger challenge which was a 28 ounce burger with pulled pork inside. I did one at Shark Bar and Bluebell, which is nearer Jesmond Dene. I also did Zapatista and Fat Hippo as well.

What was your best night out in the Toon?

Definitely a mix, at the beginning it was Legends. I also really liked Swingers when it was in its prime.

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Kate at Newcastle in her first year halls Ricky Road

What road did you used to live on?

I was in Ricky Road for halls and then in second year I was on Osborne Road. In fourth year I was living right next to Jesmond Metro.

Which level in the Robbo did you sit on and why?

Always on the fourth floor. I just happened to pick the fourth floor and I just sat there for the rest of uni. I always hated it when people stole my seat.

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Kate now working as a freelancer

What is your advice for students still at uni?

All the hard work that you do whilst you are there, you feel so rewarded after doing it so just stick at it! Try and find something that makes you feel sane and keep on going. The rewards at the end make it all so worth it.