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Due to a leak in one of the buildings, Castle Leazes students were made to have a sleepover



On Wednesday night students living in Craster block in Castle Leazes were made to sleep in social areas due to a leak in a pipe.

Students received the email informing them of the leak which affected the block's fire panel, and as a result their rooms were not safe to sleep in. Allegedly someone had pushed something down a toilet which then affected the fire alarm system. Students were made to evacuate their rooms by 8pm and their doors were then locked by security.

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The email students received

Aptly named 'The Craster Sleepover', the boys were made to sleep in the social area next to the bar, whilst the girls slept in 'The Fenwick Room', a social space next to the main reception. Everyone was told to bring a duvet and pillow, and air beds would be provided. And hot chocolate and cookies.

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Enjoy your sleepover!!!!

This is hilarious. What were they expecting would happen?! All the girls would sit in a giant circle, swopping stories about boys they fancy whilst giving each other mani-pedis? Would the boys sit and talk about their top-5 and learn how to tie a reef knot? Was there a camp fire provided which everyone could sit around and sing songs whilst one of the maintenance men played the guitar?

Nonetheless, despite the university's best efforts to make everyone cosy, the majority of students stayed in their friends' rooms. One first year student who had to evacuate said: 'We were told security would be patrolling the four floors all night…So anyone that came back would be in big trouble. In the morning we were allowed to go back, but as long as we didn't sleep.'

What's the moral of the story? The best way to make friends in first year is to break the fire alarms and force everyone into having a sleepover with you.