Every way to get your one night stand to commit

Or is it just a hit-and-run?

The first few hours that follow a one-night-stand can spark a lot of reflective sentiment. This can definitely be the case when you’re walking home with your hair all fucked up and 1% phone charge…As you play back the nights events in your head, you’re admittedly half pleased with yourself but also – slightly disgusted.

For most of us, it tends to be a ‘one off’ experience, or as my friend eloquently puts it: a “nail and bail”. It’s called a one-night stand for a reason, right? Alas, there are the times when you wake up in the morning, look beside you to see the damage and give yourself a mental high five for the beauty you pulled. When it comes to these special moments, it would make nous to have a few tactful (pathetic) tricks to reel them into your life. Check it:

Wave at him when you’ve ‘connected on FB’

It’s like the ‘poke’ and everyone’s talking about it. A new feature on Facebook messenger that literally allows you to wave at your new ‘friend’ with an emoji of a waving hand. If you’re a true millennial who endorses putting in the bare minimum effort into dating, then this is for you. The wave will definitely increase your chances in a round two. Non-committal and vague. Just how we like it.

Leave your jumper

It doesn’t have to be a jumper. Just anything that’s worth retrieving, so try not to be petty. Headphones are a good shout. It shows that you listen to music and you’ll probably have that in common. Score.

Super like on Tinder then send a lol GIF like Joey ‘How you doin’?’

It’s so extreme that it ends up being the most casual form of banter. Throw in a bit of role-play and pretend your strangers and it may just work. Emphasis on the ‘may work’.

Slide into his dms with an ‘in’ joke

Ah an “in” joke…Everyone loves them. What better way to alienate the rest of the dinner table with an inside joke that only you two share. A great way to bring back all those memories of people watching drunken Geordie lasses in heals stumble out of kebab joints….or whatever it was that made you both laugh.

On the night out establish a mutual love for brunch or a restaurant near your house and entice him with that the next morning, go for lunch and stay the whole day together…

You better have your morning chat on point for this to even be an option, but sarcasm aside – this could be great. Picture it. A sunny day, outdoor pub, a few pints and a roast with someone you had a great night with. If it fails you know you did everything you could in the most ballsy way!