How the way you travel to campus defines you

Anything more than 15 minutes and it’s a trek

Whether you walk through a cow field, bike down Osborne road or take the Metro from West Jesmond… the final destination is uni. However, these are not the only ways of getting to the red brick building. After reading this, your eyes will be opened up to the variety of ways people end up in the lecture seat next to you.

The Walkers

The majority of us walk to university. It is the cheapest and most sociable way to get from place to place, not to mention the only exercise some of us do. That refreshing Newcastle breeze waking us up, curing the hangover induced from the night before. Walking with friends gives students the chance to catch up on the inevitable gossip from previous nights out or even to have a much needed DMC. Walking is a popular choice for first years, with almost all of first year students walking to university.

Lydia, First Year, Sociology told The Tab: “Walking with my friends who knew where they were going was great as I had no idea, and also it was a good way to get to know people on my course in those first few weeks.”

Some people choose to walk to university as you don’t have to enter lectures on your own, this social aspect means you don’t have choice paralysis of where to sit as you’ve already arrived with your possy. Others walk due to being paralysed with the fear of standing next to a BO ridden metro passenger or being slightly less elegant when dismantling from their chariot (aka mum’s old bike) outside the Robbo. Milly, Third Year, Biomedical Sciences confessed ‘I walk to uni because I am scared of biking.’

The Bikers

When in second and third year many students make the bold decision to bike to university. Although it is debatably the most anti-social method of transport, it is with no doubt one of the quickest ways to get to university. Helen, Third Year, Agriculture and Business claimed ‘biking is so quick, I get 15 minutes longer in bed.’

There is seen to be two types of bikers:

The safe-free ‘cool’ bikers

These cyclists do not worry about safety, they live life on the edge by cycling helmet and light free. Bella, Third year, Rural Studies said: “I don’t wear a helmet to attract those males.” Bella admitted to accidentally crashing into fellow biker Helen whilst flirting with a builder on her way to university.

The safe bikers

These bikers put safety first by wearing a helmet and using lights when dark. Ellie, Second Year, Linguistics acknowledges “I might look like a twat wearing a helmet but I would look more of twat with a brain injury.”

The Drivers

It seems a bit ridiculous to drive to university as most accommodation is walking distance. Driving is one of the most expensive modes of transport and surprisingly not the quickest way to get to university. By the time you have found your parking space, it would have been quicker to walk in. Saying this… if storm Doris was still looming over Newcastle would you say no to a drive in?

India, Second Year, Agriculture and Business said: “Having my car here is great when it’s raining and also I love how there is free parking after six o’clock.”

‘The Metro-Takers’

For those in Bowsden Court (‘Do they even go here?’) the metro is a necessity, unlike the lazy lot amongst the West-Jesmond community. When you can hear the Metro screech louder than your alarm clock it is almost irresistible to hop on the yellow and black tube over the 30 minute walk. Many Londoners find home comfort in taking the Metro as it is similar to the underground system they are so familiar with.

“Seeing as I live on Sunbury it would be rude not to” Erica, Third year, Philosophy said.


You’ve had the good, the bad and now here’s the… different?

Oli scooters to lectures.

Oli Knight, Third Year, Philosophy: “It was convenient in first year when I lived in Ricky Road as my route to uni was all downhill.”

Mark Dipper, Third Year, Business Management rolls on down to the Robbo on his skate board.

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