Not going ‘out-out’: Alternative evening activities in Newcastle

CBA with Swingers

As you enter assignment and exam season, the pressure starts to mount. Suddenly the realisation hits you that this is your last chance to convert from a Desmond to the holy grail of 60%. It becomes less about booze, banter and birds; it’s all just a bit more books, bills and bedtime.

Also, as the years pass, so does the ability to deal with the hangover that comes from abusing one’s liver in Sinners. So, here’s a comprehensive list of activities that can be performed as a welcome alternative to ending the night at 3 a.m. over a toilet bowl as a result of those damned, blueberry trebs.

Come Dine With Me

You’ve all seen the show on Channel 4 whereby a group of slightly eccentric people go round each others houses for a dinner party, which each guest then ranks out of 10. Well, why not do it yourself? If you were feeling super brave can even go explore each others rooms and set up a video diary room to record the evenings more hilarious moments. Disclaimer: you may end up as hungover as if you’ve been out, but its the thought that counts, right?

Quilliam’s Cinema Nights

Quilliam Brothers/ Facebook

Who knew that the little tea rooms by the library did film screenings downstairs in its cinema room? It’s highly recommended to get there very early, as there aren’t many spaces and they are allocated on first come first served basis. Perhaps a good opportunity to grab some scran before hand?

Lonsdale Pub Quiz

Starts at 8.30 but get there a bit early to grab a table, answer sheet and a drink, be it alcohol free or not. You’ve also got a chance to win some dollar if you and your team are brainy enough.

Watch the Falcons at Kingston Park

Again, optional boozing, but watching Premiership rugby so close to home is an opportunity not to be missed. Also, NUSU are putting on a bus to Kingston Park and reduced match fee totalling a mere £9 for Exeter chiefs game 18th November, tickets can be purchased here:

The Stand Comedy Club

If you fancy laughing til your cheeks ache to get over that library woe, this is perfect. A humorous alternative to fresher-filled Legends on a Wednesday, they do a student night for £3 bought either in advance, online or on the door.

Cheese and wine

Self explanatory. Again, a bottle of wine might be just as bad 3 trebles for the next day’s lectures, but you can tell yourself that it is a hangover of a more sophisticated kind.

Mulled wine and mince pies

A festive spin on cheese and wine. There is more room for a funny dress code and opportunities to test the culinary ability of the ho-ho-host (sorry).

Bowling at Lane 7

Lane7 / Facebook

Chuck on some ugly shoes and smash some skittles down as if they’re your nagging lecturers. You can grab a lane either on arrival, or online. They also do a very nice burger and some delicious milkshakes.

Metro Arena Events Newcastle

Although you may have to get organised and book in advance, they do have some great acts. Who wouldn’t want to see Jack Whitehall in March with seats for around £30? Although not the cheapest activity, it can be done totally sober. Tickets can be found on Metro arena website.

The Greyhound Races

A great opportunity to get dressed up and have a little flutter with your student loan. It’s also fairly cheap, particularly if you have a voucher enabling you a free entry, meal and drink. They’re usually on the doormat of most houses in Jesmond.

Football at St. James Park

Whether you’re a fan or not, don’t leave this football mad city without making a pilgrimage to its cathedral. St. James’ has a fantastic atmosphere, and tickets can be as cheap as £4 if you get the right game. Howay the Grads!

So grab your housemates and course friends and break out of the Robbo for once.

Thank me later.