Newcastle students are the third richest in the UK

Is it because trebles are so cheap

The NatWest student living survey results are out and Newcastle students have been ranked the third richest.

This is measured by a variety of income sources, parents, student loan, banks, etc. Newcastle got an average of £1,421.36 per semester, much higher than the national average of £1,192.15.

Portsmouth took the top spot with students there getting an average of £1,516.98 per semester, and those at Sheffield seem to be struggling the most with an average of £934.98 per semester.

Newcastle has a reputation for being home to many rich boarding school leavers, with one of the student houses reported to even have an Aga in it. Despite this luxury, Newcastle is also reportedly the third most cost efficient city to live in for students.

With the average weekly rent at £101.55 and three trebles for a fiver, it’s no wonder the rich are staying rich.

However, it is rumoured that Newcastle uni is considering raising their fees over the old limit of £9,000, so you’d better get saving.