Newcastle voted majority Remain in the EU referendum

We know we are better united

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne voted in majority of Remain in the EU referendum on Thursday 23rd June, with 50.7% to Leave’s 49.3%.

The number of votes counted in favour of Remain was 65,404 and those in favour of Leave was 63,598 – a margin of merely 1,806 votes. 129,072 turned out in the referendum.

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle Central, said: “I am not surprised by the tight victory. It’s extremely close, clearly, but I am very pleased.

“I think in the last week the momentum has been with the remain campaign but before that I was extremely worried.”

Newcastle graduate, Isabel, said: “I knew that Newcastle would come out Remain – even if it was ridiculously close. Newcastle has this friendly united way about it that is pretty unique to that city.”

Alex Creasy, 32, a Jesmond local, told The Chronicle: “Ever since the referendum was announced I have been on edge. It’s a once in a generation vote.”

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The result prompted an EDL rally at Monument on Saturday, which was met by opposition from Newcastle Unites, who chanted “Nazi scum”.

Newcastle was one of few districts in the North East to vote Remain, with a large majority voting Leave due to feeling “let down” by London and the EU.

Some counties and London boroughs have been omitted