Newcastle uni’s most inspirational women

Who run the world


In this day and age more then 60 per cent of the worlds university graduates are female, and since the Spice Girls ‘girl power’ has become a world wide phenomenon. There are so many female icons for girls to look up to and aspire to be like. At Newcastle University, we have our fair share of inspirational and influential ladies, and here they are.

Kate Ovens, fourth year, Business

Kate does professional food challenges and has amounted a staggering 64,000 likes on her Facebook page ‘Kate’s Food Challenges’. These challenges have featured on the Tab, Playboy, Lad Bible and Fox News. What makes her inspirational is not only her incredible ability to demolish a burger in an inhuman amount of time but also the positive and realistic body image she sends out to her fans. Kate, as a children’s entertainer, also does Elsa impressions for children – she truly is multi-talented.

Marie Hunt, third year, Philosophy

Former Self-Care Officer of Newcastle University Feminist Society, Marie is extremely influential in and around Newcastle uni campus. Frequently giving inspirational self-care workshops Marie is always there to have a chat and values the importance of self-care and body positivity, especially important when university can be a daunting and stressful place.

Elle Bloor, second year, Marine Engineering

Elle is the captain of the Newcastle University Women’s Rugby team and aims to always lead her team by example, whilst trying to challenge and be challenged by them creating a fun and positive environment for everyone. Elle is inspirational in the way she welcomes everyone into the club regardless of shape, size or background. When asked to comment she said “the girls leave as strong, confident individuals who love being part of a team knowing they have a part to play” – an inspirational leader for anyone!

Lucy-Neely Morgan and Rohan Kon, third year, both study English Literature 

Lucy and Rohan are both pretty darn cool and extremely influential ladies. Lucy is the former President and Vice-President of Newcastle FemSoc and Rohan the former Campaigns Officer and Secretary. The Newcastle University Feminist Society won best Women’s group/FemSoc of 2016 with their help. Lucy is the current Marginalised Genders Officer at Newcastle uni and Rohan was the chair of the Union Council this past year. They have both done amazing work on #FreePeriods and Rohan organised Newcastle’s ‘Period Pride Day’ this year.  About as inspirational and influential as a pair of friends get.

George Hawkings, first year, Marine Biology

Elected social sec of the prestigious NUSSC next year, only one of the coolest societies in Newcastle. George is a chiller and all her racing and sick slope style provides the perfect skiing inspo.

Maeve Hanna, third year, Law

Maeve is obviously influential coming second in Group 3 of Newcastle BNOC. Everyone loves this Newcastle student and at the RAG Take Me Out show every light was left on for her. Her source of inspiration lies in the fact that she’s jointly organising Freshers’ Week 2016, hats off to Maeve.

Sophie Ahmed, second year, English Literature

WINNER of the BNOC Wild Card and then BNOC of the year.  Sophie is for sure an inspiration at Newcastle. She is the Music Editor for The Courier and works for The Independent as a Student Ambassador. She also promotes for super cool Soul Jam and of course she is also involved with student radio. Wow.

Emma McCormick, first year, History and Politics

Emma rose to fame after setting up a GoFundMe page to pay off her overdraft raising over £500 pounds, talk about inspirational. The Tab Newcastle covered the story and it was also printed in The Sun and The Independent and featured on the Mail Online. Oh and she’s also a certified BNOC.

Meg Long, first year, English Literature

Meg writes for The Courier and The Tab. She is extremely influential with the student radio winning NSR Newcomer of the Year Award in the 2016 Media Awards. From next year she is also Head of Music for Newcastle Student Radio.

Bee Sharp, first year, Geography

Bee ‘BNOC’ Sharp is a huge influence in Castle Leazes halls. Bee cracks out the banter in Leazes ticket exchange and has made the most impact of any new fresher. Tipped also to be the social sec for women’s lacrosse for the upcoming year. What an inspiration. Bee is ‘flattered to be considered amongst these girls’.

Chloe Marquand, second year, Fine Art

Chloe has managed to turn her passion for art into a summer job this year, through dedication and hard work she has created some stunning art pieces which have then been bought by the general public.  Chloe is always smiling and never has a bad word to say about anyone, loved by all and super successful, Chloe is definitely someone to inspire to.

Kirsty Spalding, third year, Speech Therapy

Kirsty is an inspiration to us all winning the Tavistock Trust for aphasia prize, which pretty much means she’s done lots of incredible work with patients! Kirsty also spends a lot of time raising money for charity.

If you want to nominate someone, message our Facebook page with their name, course, year and why they are inspirational.