We met at Ricky Road in 1989 and now we’re married

They met outside Block 4

It’s fair to say that Ricky Road is renowned for its romance, promiscuity and frisky freshers. But, there is one couple that met whilst living there, a pair that took a shine to one another almost immediately. 27 years later, they are still going strong.

Dave and Allison Gibson, now married for 17 years, met as fresh-faced first years in Ricky Road. It turns out that it took a brave Dave for them to have their first meeting.

The happy couple

“I was in Block 4 and Allison was in Block 16.”

“We met at the Trent House, where she worked as a barmaid. In the summer of 1989, she was sat on the grass across my flat and plucked up the courage to go outside and speak to her. We’ve been in love ever since!”

The couple were also able to revisit the place where their love blossomed. Their son, Jamie, followed in his parents footsteps and lived in the halls last year. Perhaps he has found his future wife, too.

The lovebirds were also sad to see the planned destruction of Ricky at the end of the term, saying that it’s always been the centre of the party at Newcastle.

‘Friendships and relationships were built here’

“Ricky has always been a very sociable halls. A lack of wall plaster never stopped us from feeling at home.

“The place has hardly changed, it’s very sad to see it go. Friendships and relationships were built here.”

Dave also has very fond memories of some of his more crazy times at the halls.

“I’ll never forget a food fight we had involving about fifty tins of beans. By the sounds of it, that sort of thing is very much still happening, which makes us very happy.”

1989 was not only the year of Allison and Dave’s first meeting. The Berlin Wall also came crumbling down that year. Sadly for Newcastle, Ricky Road is set for the same fate. Freshers – look for your future partner at Ricky before it’s too late.


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