Harpreet Chaggar winner of BNOC Group 2

There were almost three thousand votes

The leader of the C-men and MedSoc President, Harpreet Chaggar has won BNOC Group 2 with 620 votes (20.8% of the votes).

Kate Marsh lost out on joint first place by one point (619 votes) whilst representing Tesco in the best way possible.

Harpreet told The Tab: “I didn’t even know about BNOC of the year a few days ago, then again it’s hardly fair when I can just get all my cousins to vote for me, but thanks to everyone who did.”

He continued to say: “I’m very surprised I won with big names in the group.”

Kate gained the hearts 619 voters and told The Tab: “Well second is a silver medal in the Olympics…and the crown would ruin my curly blow anyway so yeah, nice one.”

Congrats to all those who were nominated, there will be one more group of nominations before the final next week.

Here’s the rest of the results.

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