Boris Johnson visits Newcastle ahead of EU referendum

He said EU funding for universities would be maintained

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, visited Newcastle city centre today to campaign for Britain to leave the EU.

Speaking to a crowd of people at the Centre for Life in Newcastle, Boris reassured voters that there would be no funding gaps if the UK voted to leave the European Union: “What we’re saying to the science sector, to the university sector… is that we will make sure you all continue to be funded on the basis that you already are but that there will be an extra £10 billion [per year] available for you.”

The UK will vote on its membership of the European Union on June 23rd this year.

The Mayor of London was briefly interrupted during his speech by a handful of protestors shouting: “Go home Boris. Tories not welcome in Newcastle”. When the protestors were removed from the venue Boris Johnson jibed that they had “voted to leave the room” and then proceeded to continue with his speech.

The potential future Prime Minister told supporters: “My view is that it is legitimate to talk about a gross [UK contribution] figure because most people in this country will think it is better that huge sums of UK tax payer’s money should be spent in Britain according to the decisions made by Britain’s representatives not by some guy in Brussels that they don’t even know”.

“This country will thrive if we throw off the shackles of the EU – and the people of the North East should rest assured that they stand to benefit if we take back control over our future.”

Both official campaign groups, Vote Leave and Stronger In, will be visiting the North East in the coming weeks to make their case for the Referendum.