These Newcastle landlords took their tenants on a night out

They even played beer pong

Weeks to fix that broken back door lock, heating on the blink for months. Everyone’s had a bad landlord. What about one that gets you VIP tables, holds a beer pong tournament or sends you birthday cards? Think that’s unheard of? Think again.

Landlords of new student accommodation Glassworks, based five minutes from the city centre, are getting well involved in the uni lifestyle with the students that pay them rent.

They label their tenants ‘guests’ and this says it all. The big motto of these property ballers is “Love Life, Live True” and have The Real University Experience (T.R.U.E).

The Landlords hold a whole bunch of social events for the lucky residents, such as beer pong competitions, movie nights in the cinema area of the halls and dinners in the dining room in ‘Come Dine With Me’ style evenings.

They also want the students to have a hard work ethic, providing super study areas around the accomodation.

There are four directors. Ian Jackson, Peter Prickett, Jason Taylor and Marc Carter are all aged 40 plus, proving that no one is ever too old to head out on the Toon.

They played a beer pong tournament with their tenants

They’ve even taken residents to Fat Buddha in Newcastle City Centre for free food and free drinks. This was followed by a trip to Waikiki and, of course, a night in the VIP section.

They got free food and drink

These lucky lads live in the halls

The residents seem to be more than happy with the service provided to them by their lucrative landlords. Ian Jackson said:

“The students were in disbelief when we told them! But they were so excited to be going to a classy establishment rather than just the general ‘student’ standard night”

‘Flares later?’

“Everyone had a fab night and really appreciated everything we did for them. It was a great investment and we would definitely do it again. We got to know everyone living in our accomodation really well and I feel it made us seem more approachable if they were to have any feedback about Glassworks”

Perhaps the highlight of these socials is a beer pong tournament played against Northumbria halls. The Glassworks old boys decided to teach them a trick or two, and Jason ended the tournament with an ultimate winning shot. Well worth that rent.

They even send a birthday card to students from the company. Considering most people can’t get a lightbulb fixed until five months in to their tenancy, these guys are obviously pretty cool.

Glassworks even have a WhatsApp group so that students can tell their landlords any suggestions, feedback or queries they may have.