NUSU ‘summer festival’ to be discussed at student council

Would you go?

A Newcastle uni student wants the Students’ Union  to look into organising a summer festival in order to “improve overall student life”.

Robel Bayisa is also proposing the Union put on more events to relieve students of the “pressure” of choosing between the many nightlife options in Newcastle.

The motion states: “The amount of choice of nightlife options in the city can be daunting for students and events in the Students’ Union would help to relieve the pressure of this choice.”

The Union already hosts Boombox on a Saturday

Currently, the only regular SU event is the new ‘Boombox’ night on Saturdays and Robel believes more such events would “bring the general student populous together” and “improve overall student life”.

Geography and Planning fresher Will said: “Everyone loves the Newcastle nightlife specifically because of the choice of pubs and clubs and different events.

“There’s really no point trying to make a summer festival either especially as everyone will be back home and probably won’t come back to Newcastle just for an SU event.”

The proposals will be discussed and voted on at the student council meeting on Thursday.