NUSU Elections: Here are your winners

Even though you don’t care, you probably should

If you didn’t know that it was campaign week this week then get your head out of the sand. They’ve bombarded us with leaflets in Halls and around the Students’ Union, sent us trash-worthy emails in our Uni inbox and some have even appeared on our Tinders in a desperate attempt to get our votes.

Just under 4000 students voted this week. Here’s who captivate our imaginations with their campaign videos, and who will definitely be earning £18K when they graduate this summer.

Rebecca Walker, Activities officer

Studies: Biomedical Sciences

Rebecca’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Offer incentive for all students to try something new/sign up to at least one society.
  2. Increase membership of student minorities and ensure every activity is accessible to all students.
  3. An extra day and more stalls at Fresher’s Fair.
  4. Attempt to enable more graduating students the opportunity to attend Grad ball.
  5. Encourage more students to participate in RAG week and Fresher’s crew.

Read full manifesto


Sophie Matthews, Athletic Union officer

Studies: Geography, Politics and Sociology

Sophie’s manifesto in eight points:

  1. Ensure Wednesday afternoons are kept free for sport.
  2. Make sure ReCap is available for all Wednesday teaching sessions.
  3. Introduce more sports to the Go Play scheme.
  4. Increase promotion of all clubs and their achievements.
  5. Give bonuses to clubs that show improvement, development and teamwork throughout the season.
  6. Try to meet the financial needs of all clubs.
  7. To increase access to training facilities for all clubs both on and off campus.
  8. Work on the improvement of all training grounds.

Read full manifesto here


Jade Holroyd, Editor of the Courier

Studies: History, Classics and Archaeology

Jade’s manifesto in 5 points:

  • Make The Courier a presence that celebrates the diversity of Newcastle’s students and increase inclusiveness.
  • Ensure The Courier content is of interest to the student readership.
  • Include more society based content through The Courier, NSR and TCTV.
  • Improve The Courier’s presence on social media.
  • Introduce workshops for writers.

Read Jade’s full manifesto


Chris Duddy, Education officer

Studies: Law

Chris’s manifesto in five points:

  • Collaborate and make changes to make our libraries better.
  • Keeping computer clusters open 24/7.
  • Improved communication between schools to avoid module clashes on combined honours courses.
  • Make more people aware of Newcastle University’s external campuses in London and Malaysia and include postgraduate students more.
  • Making sure all courses use ReCap.

Read Chris’s full manifesto


Jack Taylor, President

Studies: History, Classics & Archaeology

Jack’s manifesto in five points:

  1. Jack wants to make YOUR university experience more affordable. As he has been receiving student grants for 3 years he has first hand experience of how needed they are. He will campaign to have them reinstated. This also includes campaigning for cheaper halls.
  2. Working with the Athletic Union Officer to get rid of compulsory lectures/seminars on Wednesdays to promote sport.
  3. You will receive more support in regards to campaigns to do with current affairs eg. the recent junior doctor’s strike. There’ll be more platforms for people to speak under Jack.
  4. The library will be made more student friendly with incentives such as microwaves, extra locker space or free tea during exam periods.
  5. Jack realised the importance of student wellbeing and mental health issues and wants to have this more promoted on campus so those affected know they do not stand alone.

Rachael Kitching, Welfare and Equalities officer

Course: Law

Manifesto in five points:

  • New and interactive anti-stress initiatives, such as yoga classes and other events such as puppy days.
  • Integration of cultural societies and participants, through events such as ‘culture cafés’. ‘Pot luck’ activities can take place, whereby student participants bring along traditional home dishes, which can be shared by all attendees. A method of integrating and appreciating different traditions and cuisines.
  • The continuation of the fantastic work that the current Welfare officer is doing in order to tackle discrimination. Events such as ‘Awareness week’ will remain at the forefront of the SU’s agenda, whilst furthering awareness of these initiatives across campus.
  • Efforts to de-stigmatise mental illness, whilst providing informal and approachable support networks for students.
  • An attempt to introduce permanent sexual health facilities in the Students Union throughout the year.


Rachael’s full manifesto can be seen here.