Professor Brian Cox is coming to Newcastle

Praise the heavens

Professor Brian Cox, the “world’s foremost communicator of all things scientific” is stopping by in Newcastle during his tour across the UK in autumn 2016.

On Saturday September 24th, he will be at Newcastle City Hall at 7.30pm.

The show will “take audiences on a dazzling journey through space and time, delving into ‘high science’ and freewheeling on the edges of the known cosmos. Whether an avid science reader or a total novice, Professor Brian Cox Live will test the limits of our knowledge and make highly complex ideas accessible to all.”

Tickets vary between £30 and £40 on official ticket purchasing websites.

It promises to be “captivating, continually surprising and forever pushing the boundaries.”

The 47-year-old, who has an OBE for promoting science to the public and who lectures at the University of Manchester, will “take science to a new dimension in this new stage show, plus get up close and personal with the man himself with an interview hosted by his The Infinite Monkey Cage co-host Robin Ince.”

Last week Brian Cox managed to get the world’s most famous equation wrong in a lecture. When writing out Einstein’s well known equation, he said e=mc instead of e=mc ² when teaching first years about Quantum Physics and Relativity. But he was quickly called out by a fresher.

Tickets for Brian’s show can be purchased on ticket master here.