Engolfed: Unlucky lad sinks new Volkswagen into the River Tyne

He forgot to put his handbrake on

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An unlucky driver has managed to sink his pride and joy into the Tyne after he left it parked without the handbrake on.

Hapless Tyler Rutley, 19, left his new Volkswagen Golf near Jarrow pedestrian bridge, where heavy winds caused it to roll down a bank and plummet into the river Tyne.

The car crashed through a steel rail yesterday, narrowly missing a man who was fishing on the side of the river.

Golf in the Tyne was all mine all mine?

Underwater: Tyler in his car in happier times

Before his pride and joy plunged into the Tyne

Tyler, a sports coach from Boldon, had shelled out five grand for the motor only a couple of months before.

He told the The Tab: “Every panel is fucked and all the windows are smashed.”

Unsurpisingly, the car has now been written off – but his phone miraculously survived.

“There was nothing left inside apart from my iPhone 5 and it still works –  it’s a miracle. I’m lucky to have it, everything else in my car is gone!”

Into the blue: Tyler’s blue Volkswagen crashed through the barrier and rolled into the Tyne

He’d only owned the car for a couple of months

Police were called to the scene and divers had to wait for five hours until high tide to eventually pull the car out of the river.

Sadly for the young driver, who had only owned the car for a couple of months, insurance policies don’t cover this sort of accident.

Although he is hoping to salvage its wheels, the car itself is now as good as scrap.