Newcastle Uni ready to defend Stan Calvert title with poly-bashing kit

Team Newcastle to take on this weekend’s clash in poly-bashing stash

Newcastle University’s sports teams are preparing to defend their position as Stan Calvert victors ahead of a weekend of fixtures.

And they’ll be doing it all whilst taking a cheeky swipe at Northumbria on their backs.

The Newcastle Uni crest is not all that our sports teams with be brandishing this weekend as  each player’s kit will feature the epic quote:


So it’s not just the chants that’ll be taking the piss out of the polys – they’ll be able to read (we think) about how crap they are too.

At this weekend’s clash, centred around the famous rugby match at Gateshead International Stadium on Sunday evening, Newcastle University will be seeking to hold on to their title for the seventh consecutive year.

And the boat team have already been kitting up:

But with competition set to be fierce and Northumbria already having won more events than Newcastle this week, will the poly-bashing be enough to defend Newcastle’s ego?

Newcastle University AU Officer and Netball club member, Katie Rimmer, whose genius thought up the gibe now displayed on the Newcastle Uni kits, told The Tab:

“I think the wealth of quotes that students threw out there were brilliant. I think this quote was chosen because it’s quite simple and straight to the point – very happy we haven’t included any grammatical errors like it appears Northumbria have done.”


It seems, however, that not everybody sees Newcastle as last year’s victors. Northumbria student Harley Greene said:

“Yes, Newcastle might have won the overall cup for the past few years, but at the end of the day, who gives a shit about Gaelic football? The final rugby match is the only thing that people really care about, and we won that last year.”

But is this a fair view? Does the overall cup matter, or is it all about the rugby?

Athletics captain and geography student Mark Collier told us:

“The rugby shouldn’t be viewed more highly than any other sport – each team put their all in for the name of our uni, and the Cup represents that”.

24 different sports are being represented as part of the competition, and with over 1000 students from the two universities partaking, the teams need your support! Katie Rimmer insists: “Support makes all the difference, so however many events you can get down to, please do!” Full details of the fixture list can be found at