It’s official: the toon is full of toffs

Out with the povs, in with the toffs. Recent research places Newcastle just behind Oxbridge in posh league


Newcastle university has been revealed as one of the top unis for poshos according to new research.

Newcastle’s aristocratic associations are proved by the fact that 30.2% of Newcastle Uni students were privately educated, one of the highest of a Russell Group University.

Recent research carried out by the Sutton Trust puts us in 5th place, behind only Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, and our posher neighbours at Du-rah-m.

And there’s not much in it: Newcastle is home to a whopping 3,140 privately educated students, while traditionally upper-class Cambridge took in 3,385.

The results, taken from pupils between 2005 and 2007, show that 20 million independently educated pupils reach an elite university by age 17/18.

Across the road, Northumbria is more Jack the lad than Jack Wills, taking in a mere 805 private school students.

But what is it about Newcastle Uni that attracts the most affluent? Is too much exclusivity a bad thing?

Geography student Mark Collier insists: “Of course Newcastle should try and take students from varied backgrounds, but at the end of the day, everybody should have to achieve the same entry requirements, otherwise it becomes unfair.”

Agreeing, English student Rachel Kelly told The Tab: “You can study the social class of each student and try to draw conclusions, but whoever applies and makes the grade has the same chance as anybody else”.