Pull your Tutor

You will regret not trying!

The time has come for third year students to finally attempt to pull their fit tutor!

Frenzied festivities are engulfing the country, snow produces a white blanket on the streets and roads, lights and decorations illuminate the city centre and people shop for the elusive Christmas present for partners or family members. However, amid the chaos, there is always the eagerly anticipated Christmas party!

For students it gives you the chance to go on a night out with your course tutors, which always provides entertainment. As a third year student this is the long awaited opportunity you have been waiting for to finally pluck up the courage to try it on with that fit course tutor. Every course has that gem, even building surveying or chemical engineering!

It wouldn’t be appropriate to name the tutor I’m thinking of on my course, which for name’s sake is Applied Sport and Exercise Science.

We are all either 21 or 22, which in hindsight makes us adults ready for the world of work. This age band of maturity could aid the possible attraction of the hot tutor you’ve been fantasying about since freshers.

Last year’s party threw up an epic and eventful night under the limelight of Perdu. A shot challenge with a few of us and our tutors being the highlight, I’m thinking this year there might be a bit more than a hug in the pipeline.

Rookie 1st and 2nd year hotheads who aren’t as wise and don’t deliberate over the specific details attached to ‘The Game’, (Neil Strauss should be considered a guru), might try their luck after a few too many pints without logically thinking about the later penalties. But we are opportunists not irrational fools.

It’s worth a try girls

The finish line is in sight which means the need for secrecy from friends wouldn’t be too unrealistic. I’m sure the tutor would demand it in case they lost their job and the awkwardness between the two parties could be avoidable to an extent.

This is our moment ladies and gents, take it while you can. I’ll be there on Tuesday night trying my luck, and if you do manage to pull off the unthinkable get in touch to tell your story.

Happy hunting and Merry Christmas!