Wiggins Wannabe throws race into chaos!

Mystery cyclist leads field astray

10km race bradley wiggins cyclist fun run heaton heaton harriers

Confusion hit a charity 10 kilometre race in Heaton as a large number of competitors went off track.

The incident occurred when a collection of runners mistook a random passing cyclist for a race official guiding them on their route.

The culprit was wrongly judged to be guiding the participants purely because he was wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket and happened to be in the Heaton area at the time.

As a result the race had to be stopped and restarted despite competitors having already covered an estimated 800 metres!

The organizer’s website, Heaton Harriers, stated on their website “As runners at today’s event will be aware the race had to be restarted due to the lead runners taking an incorrect route as they approached the lake.”

“This was due to a member of the public entering the course on a bicycle just before the starting gun was sounded.”

It is not yet known whom the passing culprit was but the chances are his or her intentions were not malicious.

Any information on our mystery Wiggins Wannabe is or involved in the race? Email our news editors.