Haven of anonymity: unay confessions

Last week saw the birth of a rapidly expanding page on Facey B. After defeating a copycat page, ‘Newcastle Unay Confessions’ has since amassed over 2,200 likes.

confessions unay confessions

Every day students have the same conversation several times: the one where you are asked if you’re going out, you reply that you could be tempted and then move swiftly onto how drunk you/they were last night, who shagged who and who was being pushed down a hill in a trolley this time.

It’s no surprise then that a page dedicated to “disgusting, hilarious, embarrassing” confessions from Newcastle based students has proved a hit.

Although other Universities also have these pages, Newcastle students come up trumps with their confessions.

Narcotics, theft, tampons, strippers, bladder problems, a lot of sexual experimentation, flatulence and John Fashanu all feature.


Only an arrogant Jesmondite

Probably worth investigating

Things have become a little weirder of late…

Now if you have seen the page and the Grindr confession you’ll agree when I say the content has gone beyond weird into the disgusting. There are several comments underneath including Biomedical Science student Nicole Louis’: “if this is true I don’t want to live in a world like this”

Each to their own I suppose. See it for yourself here.