Leicester voted to Remain in the EU referendum

A positive outcome for one of the most diverse cities in the UK

Remain voters won the majority with 51.08 per cent to 48.02 per cent.

Tipping the votes by 2.16 per cent – a narrower margin than predicted considering Leicester’s demographic diversity – people of Leicestershire fought back in the “war” that an ignoramus Nigel Farage proclaimed.

Not only did Leicester unite in voting to prove the UK is better united, in a respectful act of civil “togetherness” both remain and leave voters attended Stand Together Leicester yesterday in Jubilee Square.

The event featured speeches, music, poetry, food and most importantly put a ban on partisan politics to thwart possible societal divisions and stress the importance of a united Leicester.

A victory we can take from this is that, even following the negative outcome, the people of Leicester still stand alongside each other regardless of their “in” or “out” position- uniting in the midst of feelings of isolation from Europe.

Nevertheless, no one in Leicester is losing hope yet. With more than 13,000 people signing the petition for a second EU Referendum, we are on our way to a stronger Britain – in Europe.

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