Stunning Leicester finalist causes a stir on Pointless

She’s modelled for Gucci and she knows her obscure trivia

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Beautiful third year Sarah Tarleton caused a social media storm last night after blowing viewers away with her expert knowledge on adored quiz show Pointless. 

Last night’s ‘Pointless’ episode featured third year English student Sarah and her mum, Carol, as they tried to guess the most obscure answers to general knowledge questions.


During the airing of the show Sarah received a fair amount of social media attention, mainly from men.

Sarah said: “It was good fun. I didn’t really realise I was going to be doing it, my Mum and her friend organised it all and then told me. It’s a bit cringe really.”


Sarah and Carol made it through to the head-to-head round of the show before being knocked out by opposing duo Simon and David, who went on to win the £1000 jackpot in the final.

The English degree came in handy for a Shakespeare question when Sarah and Carol were able to fill in all the missing names from five of Shakespeare’s play titles.

“My degree was useful for that question. But it’s more general knowledge and random questions, so it’s all down to luck.”


Simon and David were given first choice of answers, however, and picked the most Pointless  answer and there was little Sarah and Carol could do.

As well as being a student, Sarah is also a working model for Profile Models.

I work full time alongside my degree with an agency in London. I’ve done things like Elle magazine, women’s fitness, and online e-commerce like Amazon.”


Sarah featured in Good Housekeeping magazine.

The 5’10 beauty, originally from Cirencester in the Cotswolds says: “I think modelling made it easier to not feel awkward on camera.”

Sarah has also walked for labels during London Fashion Week: “I walked London bridal fashion week the day before my penultimate exam.”

She’s also been in a video for Gucci and featured in Look magazine.

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Several people took to Twitter to express their admiration for Sarah’s looks during the show.

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Sarah said: “I don’t mind the social media attention but it’s a bit weird when I think about it.

“I think it’s because it’s people who I’ve never ever met judging on my appearance but I suppose because of modelling I should be used to it.”



The 21-year-old, who aims to model full time after graduating this summer, admits the social media reaction may be a good thing.

Sarah said: “Actually in the modelling industry now, since Kendall Jenner merged modelling and being a celebrity on social media, they really care at jobs about social media.

“I get asked all the time how many followers I have on Instagram, and jobs will book the girl with the most ‘Instafame’.”


She’s let us in on the fact she doesn’t win, but Sarah’s next ‘Pointless’ episode will air on June 15th on BBC 1.