It’s official: Here is Lancaster’s BNOC 2024 winner

After many rounds of voting, Lancaster University’s BNOC has finally been decided

It has been an incredible competition this year, and we are so excited to announce the winner of Lancaster BNOC 2024. Drum roll, please…

Your winner of Lancaster’s BNOC 2024 is the incredible Georges Quinn!

Georges Quinn, second year, Cartmel, history and politics (he/him)

Georges won the final round of voting with almost 47 per cent of the votes. When Georges was informed he had won BNOC, he said: “Thanks to all who voted to make me BNOC it’s an honour. God bless you all.”

It has been an amazing BNOC competition this year! Thank you all for voting and to all the fantastic nominees. We can’t wait for this to occur again next year, and you never know, you could be the next BNOC.

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