Take this festive films quiz and we’ll work out how early you start listening to Christmas music

It’s Quizmas day three! Here’s your daily does of Christmas quizzes to get you in the holiday spirit.

It’s finally December, the long-awaited month of playing Michael Buble’s Christmas albums 24/7 without any regrets. Playlists have been curated, Christmas trees are up, and you’re free to cry over your fast approaching deadlines while blasting One More Sleep on full volume. But we all know that people have been ready for Christmas for much longer.

Netflix has been adding new Christmas films for month, and they’ve definitely gotten you playing your old Christmas playlists months in advance. Now, your Christmas music habits are no longer secret with this quiz. Answer our festive film trivia and your Christmassy knowledge will tell us all we need to know about just how early you’re listening to Christmas music.

It’s never too early, right?


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