Quiz: Tell us about your winter ball and we’ll tell you what Christmas romcom you belong in

If I go to County, that means I get to marry a prince… right?

Winter balls: expensive, glamorous, and to some, over rated. Christmas romcoms: expensively budgeted, look glamorous and to some also overrated.  The comparisons are endless, although, you are not very likely to find your one true love at the County winter ball.

If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, then look no further than right here! Quizmas Day 2 has descended, and if you tell us a few juicy details about your college winter ball experience, then we’ll tell you exactly which Christmas romcom you deserve to be living in this holiday season. If that’s up your street, then no need to hop on a plane to stock footage of a tiny European principality overrunning with eligible royal bachelors: we’ve got you sorted right where you are.


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