Quizmas is back: Finish decorating this tree and we’ll tell you which LU faculty you should be in

A traffic cone is the same shape as a tree – that counts, right?

Traditions of December 1st include playing Christmas songs freely and without the judgement of others (although we’ve definitely been playing them since Halloween finished); putting up your Christmas decorations; and doing the first Lancaster Tab 12 days of Quizmas quiz.

Just as each faculty has its own vibe, so does each tree. Do you like it simple, colourful, or classy? Do you coordinate the decorations, or prefer the messy look? We’re here to match your tree vibe to your faculty vibe, all through a simple quiz. Answer these ten questions to find out where you truly belong at Lancaster, and what you should be studying as well.

So, pop open that first advent calendar door, sit back, and without further ado let us bring you day one of 12 days of Quizmas!


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