Lancaster Uni has organised a trip to Manchester Christmas markets

The trip will take place on Saturday, November 26th

Lancaster University is organising a trip to the Manchester Christmas markets on the 26th November.

Students will be travelling by coach, leaving the Chaplaincy centre at 8.30am and returning from Manchester at 5pm.

Open to all students, the markets are advertised as a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. There will be various small businesses selling gifts and opportunities for Christmas shopping.

The markets will also feature food stalls such as Manc and Proud selling Mancunian themed food, Porky Pig’s Yorkshire pudding Wraps, Yard and Coop, and vegan food Panc. These outlets will span locations across the city such as Piccadilly Gardens, Market Street, Cathedral Gardens, and Exchange Square.

Advertised as a great day out with friends, Skate Manchester is setting up an ice rink in the Cathedral Gardens and there will be a Christmas lights trail through the city centre.

The markets, a free event to visit, will be running from Thursday 10th November to Thursday 22nd December.

Coach tickets can be bought for £16 from the university website.

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